31 Ways to ReUse Wood Pallets -Make Money

Today: 7 listings on Craigslist for Free- Wood Pallets: 57 pallets were listed and 2 other listings stated: come back, we have endless supply. This got me thinking, you could make money with very little investment (time and gas), are creative, to either resell or broker pallets, or make items for resell with free wooden pallets.

I am amazed how many people give away wood pallets. Most businesses that order larger quantities will have pallets, plus what is available on craigslist and other sources.

I Just Gotta Tell Ya

  • Pallets are usually free
  • 150 Million will end up in Landfills
  • 4-5 Billion Feet of Lumber go into making Pallets

What you can do with all those FREE PALLETS:

1.) Build a fence

2.) Make Cabinets: By Jarea Art Studio and Gallery

3.) Make A Bookcase:

Four shelf units

4.) Make Birdhouses: Backwoods Home:

Birdhouses and bird feeders made from wood scavenged for free

5.) Make a Table

6.) Make A decorative piece:

7.) .) Make A Deck:

8.) Build a Garden Shed

9.) Planters in the Garden, Raised Beds

10.) Make Money Reselling:, How I Make Money Reselling

11.) Woodwork patching

12.) Skateboard Ramps

13.) Computer Desk

14.) Store things off the ground

15.) Animal Pens, cages and enclosures. (rabbits, chickens)

16.) Pallet Bench

17.) Guitars [Photo]

18.) Pallet Art

19.) Compost Bins

20.) Clocks: This is from Pallet Art

21.) Frame a Picture

22.) Make any type of furniture: Dressers, Headboards, coffee tables: Check out Viridian Furniture

23.) Wood Boxes

24.) Mailboxes (Jacks Backyard)

25.) Tree Forts

26.) Toys:

27.) Kitchen Utensils:

28.) Shelving

29.) Chicken Tractor

30.) Build a House: Tiny House Blog

31.) Make a Light Fixture: From MetaForm Studio

Recyle Pallets


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  1. danny says

    they are all good ideas, i currently work for a company who does this kind of work with recycled pallets. although we are running out of ideas, the items we make still sell but there must be other ideas of what to do. i dont suppose you would like to share yours if you have any, i would really appreciate it. thanks for your time and will look forward to hearing from you soon.

  2. Perry says

    I’ve got so many extra pallets sitting in my warehouse. What’s the best way to make them into any of these ideas you suggest?

  3. says

    The best place craigslist in which many people list pallets, or large companies, grocery stores that receive products on pallets.

  4. tim says

    for sale
    several boxes of scrap wood
    most is hard woods
    3.00 per boxs

    pick up only

    located in the lebanon,pa area

  5. James Gilman says

    I am interested in the best way for me to get rid of a lot of odd size pallets that are at my job site in Norcross, Ga.In the range of 150 or more. I am not sure if they are worth money for profit to a company or not? They are adding up fast. Any ideas are welcomed, thank you!
    Seems to be too much labor involved in taking them apart to be used for other things. The spiral nails that are used to hold the pallets together make it very hard to take apart with out breaking them in to pieces.

  6. Louise aka Daisy says

    Hi guys!



    ~ DAISY~

  7. says

    Anyone in the Seattle/Bellevue/Kirkland area needing Pallets for firewood or whatever, we will give them to you for FREE. We have sizes:
    2.5′ x 8′ – lots
    2.5′ x 6′, 7′, 9′ – some
    2.5′ x 2.5′, 3′, 4′ – some
    4′ x 8′ – some
    Call us or email me for a pickup time. We generally have to store them inside our warehouse cause we have no space outside but we can leave them out overnight if you’re going to come pick them up after hours

  8. Amjad says

    Hi, I can break the used wood pallets in such a way that each wood stick reamain safe with just nail holes so you can use & cut it according to ur size whatever u want to make I do it with hammer and some chiesels if anybody need me please contact

  9. Jeremy Baker says

    I am reinvigorated to use pallet wood. I will pickup pallets in NW Washington State. Thank you.

  10. cory long says

    you could make spanking paddles out of the pallets
    give to you school teachers at christmas and birth days
    thay will love it

  11. *N/A* says

    i make wooden swords for my kids, but when the wood has knots, my kids get all jealous “his sword is better than mine”.

  12. Debby says

    I am looking for good hardwood pallets, I am wanting to build outdoor plating station for my veggies and flowers. a bench for setting.
    thank you Please email me.

  13. Whitney says

    Many pallets are treated with chemicals. Surely wouldn’t use them for firewood or kitchen utensils as mentioned above.

  14. Shanna says

    Great pic of CHEP pallets – the blue ones listed as pallet art. Those are owned by CHEP and are not for recycling. The company reclaims and reuses these. You may call them for pick-up. Again, they are the property of CHEP. Thanks, and have fun with all the rest.

  15. says

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  16. says

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