48 Ways To Recycle and Reuse Tennis Balls

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One of the things that annoys me the most is tennis balls laying all over the street. People take tennis balls to throw them to their dogs and just leave them there. It is so wasteful of objects that can be used for the greater good and easily recycled and reused in over 47 ways!

I can’t even tell you how important Waste Recycling is for not just the environment but for your pocketbook as well because you the Taxpayer pay for all that very precious and limited landfill space.

I just gotta Tell Ya:

  • Over 300 Million Tennis Balls will be manufactured Globally
  • 19,000 tons of landfill space that is non-biodegradable

5 Ways To Give Back and Recycle Tennis Balls:

  • Rebounces accepts old tennis balls for recycling and refurbishing. The company will even e-mail you a

    Tejo Remy Tennis Ball Bench

    prepaid shipping label to cover your expenses. Those brightly colored tennis balls should still be of reasonable quality, and you should wait until you’ve saved up a large amount.

  • Recycle Tennis Balls- (UK) Collects old tennis balls and sends them to dog charities and rescue homes. You can send your old tennis balls to them or they have a list of where you can drop off old tennis balls.
  • 10 Stoe reuses Tennis balls by converting them into patches for old shoes
  • Donate to Boys and Girls Clubs, Schools, Animal Shelters
  • Give to Sports Eco net distribution schools and other organizations

Tennis Ball Pencil Holder

43 Ways to Reuse Tennis Balls to save you money

  1. Store secret stuff- make a slit in a Tennis Ball and hide your valuables.
  2. Make a mini Stereo set
  3. Use in the dryer- Fluff your clothing and help to keep down static cling the additional benefit your clothes will dry faster!
  4. Add a tennis ball into the wash with vinegar when washing vinyl sheets (like shower curtains) The tennis ball will act as a scrubber and the eco friendly vinegar will kill mildew.
  5. Use on slamming doors- either put on the knob or as a stopper- no more patching!
  6. Make a Tripod for your camera
  7. Childproof- got sharp objects, cut a slit and use as a cover on sharp objects.
  8. Walkers- we have all seen people with walkers and tennis balls
  9. Schools- Many schools want tennis balls for desks and chairs. Helps to keep scratches off the floor and

    Charles Furniture Tennis Ball Chair

    it’s quieter! Can do the same thing at home as well.

  10. Use in the Garage as a car marker- many people hang a tennis ball from the ceiling to know when to stop the car.
  11. Put on a trailer hitch as a protective cover
  12. Massagers- yes for both the back and the foot- just roll your feets.
  13. Duster in high places- stick on a long stick and wipe those cobwebs away- no need to buy expensive toxic swifters again.
  14. Exercise your hands and relieve stress- why buy expensive squeezers, when a tennis ball will do.
  15. Stop Snoring- yes- hook a Tennis Ball in the middle of your back to prevent you from sleeping on your back- which hopefully will stop snoring.
  16. Use for games- nothing like a bunch of can lined up and you too can play Tennis CanBall!
  17. Got big holes in your patio? Put some tennis balls on your deck chairs to prevent them from slipping


    down that hole.

  18. Got a pool? If you put a couple of tennis balls in the pool it will absorb all the oils from swimmers. Have to replace them every couple of weeks and then you can reuse them again!
  19. Kids bikes making divots in your yard?- Consider putting a tennis ball on the end of a kickstand.
  20. Cut a couple of tennis balls open and use for hamster or mice houses.
  21. Make into bird feeders
  22. Natural way to control snails and slugs- cut one open, pour in the beer and Snail Be Gone!
  23. Make animal toys with
  24. Learn to juggle
  25. Use for Sanding and polishing- wrap a piece of sand paper or polishing cloth around the tennis balls- can be used anywhere.
  26. Make ornaments for holiday
  27. Cut in half and use to store paper clips, rubber bands and even craft supplies
  28. Make into a mobile- have a fun craft day, color them up and decorate- even make wind chimes.


  29. Tennis make good heads for dolls and puppets
  30. Does your car look like everyone elses- stick that tennis ball on the antenna to find your car in a parking log.
  31. Keep outdoor pest away- smear some vaseline on tennis balls and hang from trees or bush
  32. Use for shipping and packing- no need to purchase toxic styrofoam or plastic, use tennis balls instead.
  33. Getting really creative Tejo Remy has made Tennis Ball Benches
  34. Make Art
  35. Learn to Poi (Performance Art)
  36. Decorate A Car for a parade
  37. Make a Beer Pong Table
  38. Make a Flower
  39. Use as Anchors- fill up with sand or stones and tie up ballons and umbrellas.
  40. Make A Squirt Gun
  41. If you cut a tennis ball in half, the rubber makes and excellent gripper for opening jars.
  42. For Ham Operators, use to add a little weight to antennas
  43. Use for Science Projects-

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    I would like to introduce a new way to recycle old and well-used tennis balls. Introducing the stress-relief tennis ball. Everything is all in this website, so please enjoy and have a new benefactor–all from an old and well-used tennis ball.

  2. Ian says

    I have used tennis balls as large ball bearings , helpful for moving large furniture such as pianos from one part of the house to another without damaging the carpet or scraping the floor. Use about a dozen placed at the forward end of the piano, assistant retrieves them from the rear and feeds them into the front again as you push. Little effort needed.

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    You’re so cool! I do not think I’ve read through something like this before.
    So wonderful to find someone with genuine thoughts on this issue.

    Seriously.. thanks for starting this up. This website is
    one thing that is required on the web, someone with some originality!

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    Thanks for informing all the details they are very much needed for everyone to cooperate and go for a green environment by recycling the tennis balls and getting them new also. They also can get it in creative way for their home decoration or other ideas.


  1. […] I hope you get as disgusted as I do, when I pick up the trash on the beach. These balls of all types, golf balls, tennis balls, smashballs, footballs, soccer balls and more are only a part of the balls I pick up on the beach. These balls have been collected since Jan. 1, 2013 through- April 25, 2013. And these are not all the balls, as I give them away, donate etc.. For some fun way to reuse Tennis Balls check out this fun 48 Ways To Reuse Tennis Balls  […]

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