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I ran across this great blog post on FREE Stuff! or Freeganism, which is getting stuff for free. The 50 articles listed are a great resource for those who are on budgets, want to live a waste free life, lessen their environmental impact and just want great deals!

Recycled Reads: 50 Freegan Living Blog Posts We Can All Learn From

Freeganism earns considerable attention from a wide variety of communities. Environmentalists, the frugal, anarchists, anti-consumerists and others have thoroughly dissected its components – which, as the nomenclature implies – spending as little money as possible while living off what some people consider waste. But this lifestyle, as with any that dangle on the fringe of society, does not come without its controversies. The following blog posts represent a broad spectrum of opinions from passionate freegans to ardent critics, hoping to present the most balanced glimpse possible of the practice. It is up to individual readers to formulate their own educated guess regarding what they make of the philosophy and what they hope to take away from their lessons.

1.) “Freegan Fashion? You’d be Surprised!” at beingfrugal.net

Freegan fashionista Lauri Apple, founder of FoundClothing, expounds upon the benefits of discovering perfectly viable apparel (sometimes even designer!) in dumpsters and other rubbish bins.

2.) “Veganism vs. Freeganism” at happyCow veggie blog

Both the vegan and freegan lifestyles concern themselves with ethical food, clothing, shelter and other necessities, but how far one wants to take their habits remains up to the individual.

3.) “Secret Freegan is Dumpster Diving’s Robin Hood” at TreeHugger

Grocery stores shockingly throw out thousands of dollars’ worth of food every week, and ardent freegans raid their dumpsters to make sure it does not go to waste.

4.) “Freegans: Anti-Consumerists or Just Tightwads?” at Neatorama

Neatorama presents a Los Angeles Times article for readers’ consideration, which concerns a former Barnes & Noble executive who quit her job in order to live a freegan life.

5.) “Zero Waste, Zero Greed, Zero Currency” at A Funky Freegan Journal

Passionate freegan and unapologetic idealist Grace shares her thoughts behind what the lifestyle means to her and how she hopes to influence the planet as a whole.

6.) “Freeganism” at An Experiment in Freeganism

Another dumpster diver, Mikey, discusses what motivated him to attempt a freegan existence. He uses his blog to chronicle the different treasures he discovers in Greensboro dumpsters.

7.) “Extreme Personal Finance: One Month as a Freegan” at Get Rich Slowly

No lifestyle is more frugal than that of the freegan, as J.D. Roth at the well-respected personal finance blog Get Rich Slowly points out in his series of resources on the subject.

8.) “Freeganism – The New Frontier” at Not Quite Nigella

Lorraine Elliott explains all the core components of freeganism and experiments with the lifestyle herself, showing off a shocking array of wasted products.

9.) “Mongo, Freegan and Dumpster Dive: Continuing the Life Cycle of ‘Junk’” at Sustainablog

Dumpsters provide great opportunities for enterprising and creative types to find household items and components for art pieces.

10.) “Freegan Out” at Fairfield Weekly

Foraging comprises a core component of freeganism, with adherents searching the woods for mushrooms and other edibles. This article features a couple of proud foragers and dumpster divers explaining how they navigate their lifestyle.

11.) “Freeganism: What’s Up With That?” at Tigers & Strawberries

Barbara Fisher supports the ideals behind the freegan philosophy, but she finds some of their practices on the unethical and self-serving side. Anyone considering sticking with the lifestyle should read her critique before making the commitment.

12.) “Dumpster Diving for Dinner – Freeganism Explored” at Crunchy Domestic Goddess

After Oprah jumped on the freegan media bandwagon, Amy Gates wondered about how it paralleled her own quest for eco-friendly living and minimizing waste.

13.) “New ‘Dumpster Diving Tips’ Video for Freegan Kitchen” at Freegan Kitchen

Learn the art of the dumpster dive – a staple of freegan living – with this informative video for insiders and curious outsiders alike.

14.) “Going Gratis” at Wasted Food

This relatively quick blog post discusses the very basics of dumpster diving and forging in the United Kingdom.

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