9 Examples of Plastic Bottle Boats

I am becoming a little obsessed with bottle boats and probably because I pick up an average of 30 plastic bottles/day on the beach. That is in 1/4 mile of beach along the towel line and is about 1/3 the amount of bottles that can be picked up. Normally what I do is get home, separate the bottles (plastic, aluminum, and glass) and leave them in the alley for the salvagers. Bottles come in all shapes and sizes, the #1 is the Kirkland plastic water bottle, which I figure I would need 400-6oo bottles to make a boat. I am thinking about it..

Bottles Up” is a plastic bottle boat crafted by the owner and employees of the Rain Tree Lodge – an eco backpacker’s hotel on the island of Viti Levu in Fiji. This boat is made of 600 recycled soda bottles.





St. Louis

via behance


Other Bottle Boats

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  1. Don Brown says

    How are the bottles used in the first picture connected? I am trying to do the same thing.


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