Alternative Fuels

A friend mine called me to ask me about Paul Blume and my thoughts on alternative fuels. I know that Jimmy Carter, 30 years ago was preaching alternative fuels, and our dependence on oil. I know the technology has been there for years. I know that the oil money funds too many politicians, which is why we are where we are now. I also know there are so many options out there for alternative energy,  but hadn’t researched anything yet.  But I did look into the Alcohol as Fuels, it is quite interesting. See what you think! 

What is more interesting is Henry Ford was talking about alcohol as fuel over 50 years ago. How did we wind up with this oil dependency? 

Paul Blume’s ‘International Institute for Ecological Agriculture, address’s using alcohol for fuel. Interesting thoughts.

I can’t seem to get his video to download: But please click the link and find out more about how Alcohol can be a Gas from Paul Blume 

Resources: How to make Alcohol as Fuel 

The Fuel of the Future: Noted by Henry Ford (who was obviously not in bed with the oil companies) 

Chemcases : Alcohol as Fuel history 

Making Your own Fuel

How to Modify Your Car to Run on Alcohol Fuel 


Alcohol Fuel: A Video[youtube=]

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