Critique of Recycle San Diego New Database Of Recycling Centers

As a San Diego Green blogger and avid recycler, my friends are constantly asking me where they can recycle certain items. Then the news came across that  Recycle San Diego has compiled a free database of recycling centers, making it easier than ever for San Diego County residents to recycle everything from cans and bottles to electronic and paper waste to toilets and kitchen sinks….

That said I went on the site to check out where to recycle, my light bulbs, batteries and electronic devices that are gathering cobwebs in the garage. Some stuff is free to recycle, others are not. Also the site is down in San Diego and I live 30 miles north. (OK I get that, but)

Now Recycle San Diego is about ‘your easy e-waste solution’ but they have cardboard, asbestos, auto parts, mattresses listed on the site.

Personally, I didn’t find the site that helpful. If they are really encouraging recycling in San Diego, they should have listed Give-Away Sites , ways to reuse products and other resources. Apple is recycling computers (not listed) and where do people who do not drive recycle things like hearing aid batteries?

Another issue not addressed is medical waste, syringes, prosthetics and the like, where do people go for that?

Since it is new and they do have a Blog on the site, I could not make a comment- what is the point of that??

They need to get their Facebook page up, as a reminder to all people, make sure you link your FB page to the site. Suggesting places that recycle and ways to reuse on Facebook is a great integration. It is way to funky and doesn’t really work well.

The rest of the Press Release

As part of its campaign to raise awareness of the urgent need for responsible recycling, Recycle San Diego is expanding its efforts to increase local recycling practices by simplifying the research process.

County residents can easily research recycling centers around San Diego just by typing a waste category, a city name, or a ZIP code into the free search engine that’s now available on Recycle San Diego’s homepage.

“Our search tool and blog help people get the information they need without having to look through the Yellow Pages or search Google multiple times,” says RSD president Jeffrey Harding.

Recycle San Diego’s services include electronics recycling, light bulb and battery recycling, hard drive destruction, and custom IT asset management. They also offer convenient pick-ups, free eWaste collection events, and educational materials for families, communities and schools.

Who is Recycle San Diego?

Recycle San Diego’s mission is to prevent e-waste contamination of our landfills by providing community outreach, education, and free electronics recycling solutions for consumers and companies.

Here is what I learned and I would have to say many cities will have similiar programs.

1.) Getting rid of e-waste can be free- There seems to be at least an event monthly you can drop off e-waste for free. Start your pile and wait for news or plug in recycle ewaste… city..

2.) Lightbulb recycling is difficult. Home Depot and Staples used to (double check) take back light bulbs. Check for other alternatives.

3.) Challenge is mattresses- I just had Salvation Army pick up 2 mattresses, yet other non-profits may not take them, no matter what the condition.

I know they are e-waste, but recycling is an important subject, I would like to see them expand and if they only want to address e-waste, then deal with every issue, reuse ideas, different types of batteries and more.




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  1. says

    Hi, thanks for the review. The recycling database is an ongoing project. You were correct to name the hard to dispose of items such as light bulbs, batteries, and sharps (needles, medical waste, etc.).

    On the recycling center page ( we listed a link to Fred’s Hauling Service for Mattress Recycling. They have a reliable pickup service and can refer people to where to drop off in San Diego.

    We don’t list Apple or the other big guys as a resource for recycling because the program they have is costly and has restrictions… we’re about listing LOCAL solutions.. such as Recycle San Diego’s free e-waste drop off and multiple e-waste recycling events all over the County.

    We do have a facebook page, it’s listed at the bottom of our site and on every page.

    Keep in mind – this database is for City of San Diego and surrounding areas.. but mostly for the City. If you type in “needles” or “sharps” in the search tool you will find a location to drop those off… also we have listed a mail back program.

    We will continue to improve on the free database in time. Thanks for the review!

  2. says

    I know it’s hard to get everything up at once. was just so excited about the recycle database in San Diego. Hope you keep adding in, we need it here in San Diego.

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