Eco Friendly Sofa Coverings

I recieved this email- and thought I would address it instead of leaving it in comments.

“Hi, We are trying to reahposter our sofa. I am very sensetive to toxic materials; I having great difficult in finding someone who offers this. Any ideas? Thank you”

First Look at what type of dye is being used- Look for low impact dyes- which are usually dyes derived from natural or vegetable resources. Planet Green says ‘there isn’t a certification program in place here in the U.S. to certify “low-impact” dyes (there’s something called the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 in Europe), but companies like Q CollectionMod Green Podand the Cradle-to-Cradle certified offerings from Climatex and Victor Innovatex are good choices’

Before you go to the trouble of reupholstering- Try using organic sheets to reupholster- You can find organic, natural sheets almost anywhere.

Or Check out- Eco Friendly Slipcovers: Natural Slip Covers

Don’t want to do the Slip Cover thing

  • Knoll Textiles has a line of Fabrics containing 495+ recycled content or 75%+ natural fibers.
  • Green Sage- offers Eco Friendly Fabrics for interior decorating
  • Furnature- offers a selection of Sustainable Fabrics

For More Options:

  • True Up- Just came out with a great list of Eco Friendly Fabrics

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