Illegal Dumping + Litter In New Jersey= 170 Tons of Trash/Year

Taxpayers Pay For Illegal Dumping and Litter Clean Up

New Jersey roadways are about to look a lot nicer thanks to a new campaign by the New Jersey Department of Transportation.

James S. Simpson, NJDOT Commissioner, said the project, “Clean Up NJ,” will concentrate NJDOT maintenance forces to make noticeable improvements in the appearance of New Jersey roadways.

“With this ongoing campaign, we will target specific locations and handle all maintenance issues in a single sweep,” Simpson said. “We’ll clean up litter, cover up graffiti, cut overgrown vegetation and do whatever it takes to produce a positive impact.”

In the first round, Simpson said, maintenance crews in the northern part of the state focused efforts on sections of I-80 and Route 24. Central New Jersey crews selected numerous locations rather than a single corridor while crews in the southern part of the state focused on litter, graffiti and weeds along major corridors. All together, crews picked up 170 tons of litter, painted over 30,660 square yards of graffiti, mowed 1,330 acres of tall grass and removed heavy brush and trees from 134 acres of land along state highways, he said.

Source; South Jersey Local News

To report a roadway maintenance issue, motorists can call 1-800-POTHOLE or click on the Highway Maintenance Reporting button on the NJDOT homepage at

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  1. Bill says

    You’ve got to be kidding. Where I live, just west of the Turnpike in Central NJ, you can see litter everywhere. It’s embarrassing. And this article was written 2 years ago. When are these cleanup crews coming around here?

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