Paint Recycling In California

One of the cities I have admired was San Francisco,  the way they get rid of- reuse stuff and especially their paint recycling called recology. Take your old paint in and if you need new paint The Sunset Scavenger resorts the paint and even mixes it for reuse. Very cool.. an a perfect Green And Save Solution,

The problem with paint is multi-fold, you have bits and pieces left -over, you don’t want to pay to take it to the hazardous waste (also a hassle), you can put it on craigslist for free and hopefully get rid of it. The reality- Paint accumulates,  takes up space and if not used, can get old and people like my mother end up with 30 cans of leftover paint.

The good news is that California/ San Diego has started a paint recycling program called the  California Paint Stewardship Program, which took effect Oct. 19. Consumers drop-off  up to 5 gallons of paint at paint stores and other retailers. There is an estimated 6 million gallons of paint that could be recycled.  More information at

Meanwhile their are others such as Los Angeles based, Cassandra Tondro who take old paint from landfills and upcycles it into art.


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