Reclaimed-Salvage- FSC Wood – Maryland

Used Building Materials, Salvage, Reclaimed Wood in Maryland

The below companies offer used building materials, salvage items, reclaimed materials and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood in Maryland


  • DHS Designs- 86 Maryland Ave, Annapois, MD 21401 410.280.3466-Reclaimed Garden items
  • Vintage- Wood –


  • Building Salvage Specialist
  • Chesapeake Plywood MD 410.244.0055-FSC Certified Wood
  • Chsihoms- 922 S Hanover St Baltimore, MD 21230 410.727.2564-Reclaimed Materials
  • Grasmick lumber  6715 Quad Ave. Baltimore, MD 410.325.9663-FSC certified wood
  • Keeping the Pieces- 410.672.6589- Salvage
  • Second Chance–  443-385-1700
  • The Loading Dock 2 N Kresson St Baltimore MD 21224 410.558.3625- Used Building materials e



  • The Woods Co. Inc. 2357 Bottler Road Brownsville MD 21715 Phone: 301-432-8419


  • Community Forklift 4671 Tanglewood Dr Edmonston MD 20781 301.985.5180-Used Building Materials


  • Old Line Timberframes 400 Dilks Lane Elkton MD 21921 Phone: 410-287-1545-Reclaimed timbers


  • The Reuse Center 1109 E Patrick St Frederick MD 21701 301.662.2988 N/A
  • Fredericks Non- Profit Building Supply- 105 E South St. Frederick, MD 21701 301.662.2988-Used Building Materials


  • Tri-State Reuse Centre 225 W Main Street Hancock MD 21750 Phone: 301-678-6160


  • J. Gibson Mcllvain Co MD 410.335.9600-FSC:Molding, Flooring, Dealer Locator on site
  • Structural Systems MD 800.800.7414-FSC Certified Engineered Wood (Store locator on Site)


  • Newel Post 7600 Jefferson Avenue Landover MD 20785 Phone: 301-627-4499-FSC Wood

Lexington Park

  • Restore- 21768 South Coral Dr.- Used building materials, reclaimed wood


  • Old Wood & Co. 1013 S Talbot Street st. Michaels MD 21663 Phone: 410-745-0035

Mt. Airy

  • Custom Demolition 3208 Kimberly Drive Mt. Airy MD 21771 Phone: 410-635-3144


  • Colonial Lumber 207 W Ashby Ellis Road Oakland MD 21550 Phone: 301-334-3189-Reclaimed Wood

Queen Anne

  • International Wood Products 32203 Park Avenue Queen Anne MD 21657 (410)364-5031


  • Nash Flooring- 5060 Boiling Brook Pkwy, Rockville, MD 20852 301.881.0004-Reclaimed wood Flooring



  • Vintage Lumber Company 1 Council Drive Woodsboro MD 21798 Phone: 301-845-2500-Reclaimed wood Species: Oak, Chestnut, Pine

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  1. Kelly says

    am looking to sell reclaimed chestnut lumber, and i have butternut lumber that has never seen a nail….. would like to know if anyone is interested in buying

  2. Ronnie Burklew says

    I am a contractor on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I dabble in reclaimed lumber and would like to grow this business. I have access to a number of older homes that are being thrown into the trash and I find this extremely heart breaking. I have used wood from some of these houses, the flooring, siding, and framing and it is absolutely beautiful. If I could create a buyers network for this stuff I could save this vintage lumber from the landfill. Thank you Ronnie Burklew

  3. cindi says

    I am in need of timbus landscape lumber 3x3x82 for 2.00 or less i need a total of about 800can for my project. Thanks

  4. says

    I am a board member of the James B Richardson Foundation…We have an old warehouse that has approx 110,000 board feet of 2nd Growth, yellow pine…(est 1890-1920 era)… we are looking for someone to salvage the building and buy the timbers…The building is 80×112, 2 story and located in Cambridge MD. Please call 410-725-1781 or 410-221-1871 for more information and an inventory of the timbers..

  5. Brian D says

    Hi – We are looking to get some materials for a natrue trail and outdoor classroom for our kids school. The PTA was contemplating buying some recycled wood benches. I am interested in determing if we can get some old reclaimed wood for use for some benches in a stry telling circle next to a nature trail.

    I do not know if this sort of wood will last out in the elements or if it takes sealants well. Will contact Ches Beach Habitat for Humanity Restore to see what they have and local lumber dealers. Any info appreicated.

    – Brian

  6. Meng says

    I am looking for reclaimed 2″ x 4″ x 8′ wood and can’t find it anywhere. I have tried The Loading dock, The Community Froklift, Second Chance BTN Salvage with no luck. Would anyone know of a place by any chance? Thanks.


  7. Ian says

    I’m redoing my basement and would love to find some reclaimed wood to do the walls. I have a crazy idea for making my basement look like the inside of a wine cask. If anyone could give me some leads I’d’ve very interested in suggestions.

  8. niaz mian says

    hi i am looking for some reclaimed lumbers for inside siding if any body got them please let me know, 703-622-8152, thanks.

  9. Deb says

    Writer looking for info on reclaimed wood being made into garden furnishings, art for March 2015 article (birdhouses, benches, swings, planters, etc). Thanks!

  10. Alice says

    I build custom farmhouse furniture from reclaimed pine, mainly 2×8 old joists. I am looking for an ongoing supply of these in fairly large quantities (100+ 2x8x10 per month). If anyone demos houses or other structures where they would have a large supply of these, I would love to form an ongoing business arrangement.


  11. Ryan says

    I am looking for a few pieces of reclaimed barn wood to cover a fireplace. Just not sure of where to start in the Westminster / sykesville area. Any help is appreciated.

  12. Vera Colburn says

    I have a house built in 1938, the wood is oak. I need to find someone who would come demolish and reclaim wood.

  13. AlisoN says

    I’m looking for reclaimed wood for three or four 5′ kitchen shelves. I am also curious if these postings have proven successful? Have people made connections? Thanks!

  14. Michael says

    Second Chance Inc located in Baltimore, MD has a HUGE amount of reclaimed dimensional lumber of various species, age (even very rare old growth), quality, and dimension at AMAZING PRICES! Especially if you need to buy in bulk and/or unprocessed lumber (a few nails). For example we have 2X4X8’s for $1 each if you buy 50 boards or more. Hurry before this beautiful wood ends up in a wood chipper!!! Email me if you’re interested.

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