Reclaimed Wood and Salvage Yards- Arkansas

This is a listing of reclaimed wood, used building materials, architectural elements and salvage yards in Arkansas. Please call first, as this list is not updated regularly. I DO NOT buy or sell any products.

If you are looking for products, make a comment below with your contact information. If you are looking to sell, make a comment below as to what is available from you.

If you are looking for demolition people, you can contact any of the people below to see if they demolish or de-contruct buildings.

FSC Timber, Reclaimed wood-Used Building Materials- Salvage yards -Arkansas



  • Bear’s Building Salvage 510 Huntsville Road,Fayetteville 501-443-2327

Little Rock

  • Dore & Associates Contracting, 1400 Brookwood, Little Rock- 800-344-7876
  • PattonWrecking, Inc. 8222 Stagecoach Road, Little Rock-  501-455-2833


  • Architectural Salvage by Ri-Jo- 2309 Highway 71 S, Mena- 479-394-2438


  • 2 Brothers – Reclaimed wood, Handmade furniture

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  1. Joe Hunt says

    Does anyone know of a lumber yard near Little Rock-Hot Springs area where I can purchase water damaged sheets of plywood? Thanks for your help.

  2. Joe Hunt says

    Does anyone know where I can purchase water damaged plywood sheets? I live near the Little Rock-Hot Springs area in Arkansas. Thank you, Joe Hunt

  3. Linda Stotts says

    I have approximately 3500 sq ft of reclaimed pecan flooring I would like to sell. It is about 48 years old and has been kept in the dry. It is on an old skating rink floor. Has been sanded one time. In good shape.

  4. Joann says

    I am looking for two old wooden windows that are 24 inches by 52 inches . Thanks JoAnn

  5. Bart says

    I’m looking for some reclaimed wood to cover a wall in my house with. The area is about 15 ft x 8ft. Any leads would be much appreciated.


  6. Lee says

    I buy,sell and salvage reclaimed building materials.I also mill flooring and other building products from reclaimed wood.Competitive prices and quality product.

    Call or email.
    Old South Salvage Company
    131 N.Line St

  7. Alaya says

    Looking for 1/2 and 3/4 inch sheets of OSB, plywood, 4×8 siding sheets or anything else along these lines for finishing my attic.
    * I have some 2 inch maple flooring and also some old Hemlock framing material (nails removed) size 2×4 and 2×8 from old Missouri home. Also, 60 year old hand-made round wood window with casing aprox. size 18 inch diameter and opens on center pivot.

  8. michelle white says

    We have 800 plus of 1×6 white oak and red oak reclaimed wood from fencing. The boards are about 9 feet long with nail holes on end so guarantee 6 feet minimum good. Located in Mtn. View.

  9. Casey Lloyd says

    Im interested in buying salvaged pallets made of oak or pine. the more different the color and aging variations the better. I could also use pine or oak planks 1 1/2″ to 2″ thick.

  10. Linda Jean says

    I have 150 year old house was my Grandmothers . I have weather pine siding.I also have 2×6, 2×12,1x14s some 22 ft lone others 4 ft 6ft. inside walls are 1×14 1×10 from 4ft to 6 ft long. If anyone interested or wants pictures please email me or call 4798575933. Thank you

  11. Todd A Peterson says

    I have old barn wood for sale. The wood is oak and is an inch thick. Lengths vary. Nails are pulled. Call 479 435-0573 if interested.

  12. muriel gentry says

    I am needing some exterior stone pannels for small area of my house that will cover about 12 feet wide and 10 feet long, thanks

  13. penelope says

    Im looking for reclaimed plywood or plywood that got a little wet reasonable prices please

  14. Jill says

    I have barnwood for sale. Has been denailed and stacked. Size of barn was approximately 20 x 40. Call 870-260-0919

  15. Ben says

    Looking for reclaimed wood to build country kitchen table- Hot Springs Area
    Call or Text 501-204-9371

  16. stephenr says

    can anyone tell me how much I can sell reclaimed cedar boards 1×12 and where I may be able to sell them at to get the best price. I have access to quiet a bit of these boards and post, etc..

  17. Cherri Davis says

    Need help..
    Whom do I contact for salvage on a 100 yr old house in the HEIGHTS?
    Pressed 4 time….

  18. beverly says

    Need Oak or Cedar reclaimed wood boards to build king size headboard 1×4’s or 1×6’s at least 6′ long. Need approx. 20 boards, as well as 4 2×4’s 6′ long. Also need 1 2×4 at least 80″ long. Color variations is great, but not necessary. Prefer Conway or Little Rock area. Must be reasonable price.

  19. Richard says

    Located in Mena Arkansas . We are an architectural salvage warehouse. We stock a large variety of salvaged building materials dating from 1950 on back into the 1800’s.. Thurs -Sat from 9-5

    479-394-2438 anytime, ask for Richard

  20. Jennie Benton says

    We would like to purchase some reclaimed wood for a wall in my dining room.
    If anyone knows of any around the Little Rock area please let me know.
    You can email me anytime or call me

  21. Kip Zwickel says

    I am a furniture designer and master craftsman. We are looking for all diferent kinds of reclaimed lumber, beams, artifacts and steel. please contact me for further hopeful conversation. Kip 720-436-1212

  22. Tracywtlc says

    looking about 10 window to close in our porch, Also reclaimed wood for so me for the finish work

  23. Michelle says

    I am looking for any building materials such as floor joists, siding, drywall, 2×4 studs for walls, etc. I’m building a very small “tiny” house and I need anything I can get free or at a greatly reduced price. Will pick up anywhere in the state.

  24. Lisa says

    Looking for old wood
    Looking for rough sawn wood
    All types
    Shoot me an email and I will call you back

  25. Jenny says

    Really I’m need of plywood sheetrock building materials for a Reno on a older mobile home for me and my son to live in . cheap or free please any help appreciated . ! Thank . 253 3090 desperate need!!

  26. Chuck says

    I looking for a reasonably priced reclaimed Barnwood beam for a mantle at least 6ft and 8in x 6in.

  27. fredrick stallings says

    tearing down old sumpter school house south Bradley county.all wood rough sawn except flooring and paneling walls,ceiling. pine 2×4,6,8 with at least 3 2x14s. have a littlebit over 200bf of cypress 1×12. not as old as original building was a add on. original building is over 100 years old little house on praririe type 1 big room.have some big braces underneath house that I haven’t gotten to yet.

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