Reclaimed Wood and Savage Yards-Alabama

Reclaimed Wood and Savage Yards-Deconstruction-Alabama

Listing of companies who offer reclaimed woods, used building materials, FSC certified wood, salvaged building materials, architectural items in Alabama.


  • A.L Roy Lumber Co-  1404 1st Ave N Bessemer, Al 800.476-8169
  • Elrod’s Building Material and Salvage- 430 4th Ave. N Bessemer 205-426-8788


  • Tricia’s Treasures  2700 19th Pl. S., Birmingham -205/871-9779- Salvage
  • Surplus and Salvage Sales- 910 40th Street N Birmingham 205-592-8306
  • Sustain Building Group- ( 1211 22nd. St. South, Birmingham, Al 35205 -Deconstruction-member of Building Materials Reuse Association.
  • Antique Building Materials- 248 Ruffner Road, Birmingham, Al -sell antique building materials such as flooring, hand hewn and circle sawn beams, actual log cabins, brick and unique architectural items. Salvages  wonderful structures from wanton destruction
  • Evolutia 2850 35th Ave North Birmingham, AL 35234 1.855.277.5495


  • James and Company -482 County Road 209 Antique Timbers and Floor- Collinsville Phone: 256-997-0703


Ft. Payne

  • Dixie Salvage-3630 Gault Avenue N Ft. Payne 256-845-5475 Dixie Salvage



  • Ed Woods Lumber
  • Old South Wrecking Company 400 Paul Road,Montgomery- 334-264-6744


  • Shiver’s Wrecking Company-3895 Old Seale Highway, Phoenix- 334-297-2044



  • Reaves Wrecking Co-201 A Boulvard, Valley, Alabama, 36854

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  1. Nancy says:

    Looking for a company to tear down an old bldg for the wood. Bldg is way over 100 years old.

  2. Nancy says:

    Looking for a company to tear down old bldg for the wood. Bldg is over 100 years old

  3. Monica says:

    I am looking for reclaimed privacy fence of any height 8-12 feet.

  4. mike says:

    hi, nancy i would love to talk to you abought the house you want tore down. if you would, send me a email of how to get intouch with you . my email is, and i live in prattville al. thanks

  5. Rochelle says:

    I need barn board for a table. Does anyone know where I can find some?

  6. Dewayne Cabaniss says:

    I have 22 windows and 22 storm windows that just replaced but do not want to send to land fill

  7. Ray says:

    I am looking for really thick wood about railroad tie size reclaimed wood is best in large amounts. Please email me with anything you have thanks.

  8. larry hall says:

    I have an old building about a 9 x 15. The walls are made from hand hewn timbers, not sure what kind of wood. The building is over 50 years old and it was built from an old dog trot store, so the wood is probably 75 to 100 years old. Looking for someone to purchase and take down. The timbers are about 4 inches x 9 inches, 16 – 6 ft, 6 – 15 ft, 12 – 9ft. Some of the ends are beginning to rot. E-mail if interested. I’m in Calera, Alabama.

  9. larry hall says:

    It might help if I left E-mail

  10. Lisa says:

    I’m looking for salvaged wood pieces of wood to make a couple shelves for my craft room. Is there anywhere near Pelham, AL that anyone knows of? thanks

  11. David says:

    Looking for salvaged wood for furniture projects. Wood can be standing or not. Baldwin County / Mobile / Pensacola area.

  12. Cas says:

    I’m looking for used bricks or pavers to make a walkway in my back yard. Will haul away anything you have.

  13. Brenda Ballard says:

    Old barn, built early 1900′s. Would like to sell wood and hinges/latches. For more information please email me at

  14. Brenda Ballard says:

    Available immediately old barn wood, hinges and latches for sale.

  15. Available immediately old barn wood, hinges, and latches for sale.

  16. Sara Barker says:

    I am looking for old windows, I need EIGHT and I need them ASAP. Please if anyone has any that they are trying to get rid of contact me immediately.
    Thanks so much

  17. Desa Osborn says:

    looking for someone to remove old timber barn with tin roof. barn wood and tin for payment of removal…

  18. Joel Caldwell says:

    Looking for some large reclaim beams for the bottom structure of my “treehouse” 20ft lengths these would be main support beams.

  19. Governor Reed says:

    I have windows (the big ones with the weights & pulleys), solid wood doors & door frames (1 inch thick), pine hardwood flooring, tung & groove pine wall and ceiling, plus all kinds of framing lumber, (some rough cut, some planed)
    also tung & groove 1 by 6 & 1by 8 pine decking lumber along with metal shingles, that have came from a 75 year old School House. I would like to sell some to offset the cost of labor in taking it down. if you are interested I can e-mail or text you pictures. e-mail @ or call 205-966-0235

  20. steve says:

    I have old reclaimed wood beams flooring and bricks for sale 256-612-8562 leave message or text for pricing I also looking to tear down old barns houses or what ever give me a call

  21. Larry Willis says:

    Looking for old house or barn to tear down for materials. Cash offered for some me at 205-405-6486

  22. Cynthia says:

    I have an old house that needs to be torn down. It has a sheet metal roof. You can have the sheet metal and any wood from house, for trade of tearing down and cleaning up.

  23. Ginny says:

    In search of 4 x 4′s or 6 x 6′s, white oak, poplar, walnut, hickory… I need them to be dry. Don’t need to be planed, rough cut is ok. Just need dry for furniture. I will buy large quantity if price is right. Reclaimed is a plus, but not totally necessary. Must be cut from center of tree. Also cypress 2×6′s, need to be dry as well.

  24. Cynthia: I am interested in tearing down your house for you and cleaning up and hauling it away. Please call 205-412-1704 or email us at Right away. Thank you Patricia Stafford

  25. Marianna says:

    Looking for a company that tears down old buildings for salvage of wood, bricks and architectual features. Building dates to 1890s. Please email me.

  26. Greg says:

    We may be able to help you with demo of your property. Please contact me at

  27. Chris says:


    Where is the building? contact me at

  28. Evolutia says:

    At Evolutia, we are committed to bringing new life to unwanted waste materials by transforming them into creative and inspired new products. Evolutia offers sustainable building materials as well as products built from reclaimed materials. We cater to all those who are interested in quality goods with character and history. Evolutia promotes reclaimed materials and premium products to sustain a “greener lifestyle.”

  29. I have a vintage lumberyard of all sizes and many species also specialize in interior application and fine handmade furniture please call 931691 4591

  30. I demo an salvage Barnes house an old structures of historical significance please contact me at 931691 4591

  31. I have a vintage lumberyard of all sizes and many species also specialize in interior application and fine handmade furniture please call 931691 4591
    Also do demo and salvage old barns in houses

  32. Mitchell Thompson says:

    Looking for factory windows any size please email and let me know.

  33. Ken Fordham says:

    Looking for old barns and farm houses in East Central Alabama

  34. Joy Phillips says:

    Looking for used kitchen cabinets.

  35. Larry Willis says:

    Looking for an old house or barn to tear down for the lumber. Prefer pre 1920′s structures. Cash offered for the “right” structure…205-405-6486

  36. Joe Shelton says:

    Wanted…30″ x 24″ or smaller salvaged wooden window frames

  37. Eli Lawson says:

    looking for old structures in southeast Alabama to tear down and clean up for materials

  38. Ellen says:

    Looking for 10 feet x 3 feet wide , 2 or 3 inch deep, wood boards within 200 miles of Columbus, MS

  39. Diana says:

    I live in Mobile, AL and have a small 1940′s house plus a small concrete block shed which I need removed from the property. House is approx. 1200 sq ft with fireplace. wood floors, small built in hutch. Bad roof damage too expensive to repair, so want it removed. Looking for someone to tear down and clean up.
    (251) 219–4574

  40. Brittany says:

    Located in Northern Alabama. I have a unfinished 10,000 square foot house that has $350,000 in materials put into it. I would like to have deconstructed and sell the lumber, windows and metal roof. It was started in 2005 and never finished so the interior wood is in great condition. Please email me at if you are interested in the project. Thank you!

  41. Robert Jones says:

    I have about 20k board feet of rough pine, walnut, cherry, and cedar lumber that has been barn dried for 10 years. All circular cut from trees that were over 100 years(as reported by original owner). This was the personal stash of the owner of an old family lumber company. He died and daughter sold me over 25k board feet of which i am using about 10(using pine only). I will sell all the walnut(some boards upwards to 20″( and some slabs). Also not using any of the Cherry. I am adding to a camp and these boards are just to precious to use in a camp. Have about 2000 board feet of planed, toungue and groove cedar wall/ceiling boards ready to go up. Will have much of the heart pine left over. Widths from 4″ to over 12″. Most in 16′ lengths. Call 334-455-1575. Will sell a few boards or all. Will plane boards in quantities.

  42. toni says:

    I am looking for reclaimed privacy fence, I need about 310ft or as close as I can get to it..needed asap

  43. toni says:

    I need reclaimed privacy fence 310ft, and at least 6ft high, or as close as I can get toward it, needed asap

  44. morris burnham says:

    I need old barnwood. Preferred to not be lap siding
    Iinside boards for stall for animals. Get in touch if you
    Are serious. Need location, phone, email address. Need
    Before summer ends. THANK YOU. MORRIS

  45. Lisa says:

    we are lookng for a used winow in good shape. possibly 4ft tall x 13 ft long. we are in the birmingham and ashville, al area

  46. Ken Fordham says:

    Looking for heart pine post. I am looking for reclaimed wood table legs, also.

  47. chrissy says:

    I have half inch solid oak planks various lengths, taken off of interior walls, can be repurposed.

  48. Pam says:

    Chrissy, do you have any oak planks that are at least 4 1/2 ft. long?

  49. Chris says:

    I make custom furniture from reclaimed barn wood. I Also will demolish small sheds or barns for the salvaged lumber no matter condition. Areas I will travel birmingham metro to Huntsville Metro. I also Have reclaimed rough cut wood for sale.

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