Reclaimed Wood- Salvage- South Dakota


  • Keetagilly 528 Suni Avenue Baltic SD 57003 Phone: 605-529-6152- Used Building Materials


Rapid city 

  • Materials Clearance and Salvage 1109 Creek Drive Rapid City SD 57701 Phone: 605-343-1993
  • ReStore Outlet-401 11th St Rapid City, SD 57701

Sioux Falls 

  • Architectural Elements 818 E 8th Street Sioux Falls SD 57103 Phone: 605-339-9646
  • HFH GSF Warehouse and Restore- 721 E Amidon Sioux Falls, SD 57104
  • Roger’s Shop; 816 E. 8th St. Sioux Falls, SD


  • Second Chance Lumber Viborg SD 57070 Phone: 605-766-5145

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  1. cheryl says

    I was wondering if you guys had a website for places in SD as I am going to be doing a remodel & would love to go green if I could thanks

  2. cheryl says

    when I went to the Materials Clearance and Salvage 1109 Creek Drive Rapid City SD 57701 Phone: 605-343-1993 I was treated very very rudely by the owner, and was even called a Fat Cow, if that is the kind of people that you associate with I will not be going green. If he treats everyone as rudely as he did me he should be removed from this web site….

  3. Brenda Dhayer says

    I have dealt with Materials Clearance in Rapid City for several years. They have always been very very helpful. If he called you a fat cow, you must have been very rude to him first. He is a very friendly person and I have never seen him or his wife say an unkind, harsh or loud word to any customer in all my visits there. I have probably shopped there at least two dozen times and NEVER had a problem.

  4. Robin Weaver says

    When I went to MCS those people were not very honest they had smoke from there cigars and blew it in my face so much for the smoking ban.

  5. Brenda Puskarich says

    How very odd, I have shopped at materials clearance for over 15 years and I have NEVER seen anyone smoking in there. To say they were not very honest without giving details makes it a baseless accusation. I am so tired of people bad mouthing small business owners. I noticed last time I was in Rapid City that the building is for sale. Hopefully, we will not lost this resource.

  6. Kendra Wright says

    The owner of MCS has always been fair to me. He speaks his mind and responds to customers as they respond to him. He is competing with a non-profit in the area and has to deal with the fallout. Yes, his business is for sale. We will be losing this resource if someone doesn’t take up the banner.

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