Recycle and Reuse Cars by Donating To Charities


Recycle Your Car

Cash For Clunkers is over but you can still get rid of that old car sitting around by donating it to a charity. Donate Your Car takes cars, trucks, vans, boats and planes and real estate and will donate it to a local charity of your choice. They make it easy for you, by a free pickup, dealing with Departments of Motor Vehicles, smog issues, IRS deductions, less phone calls.

You can donate online or give them a phone call, they handle everything and it is a very green thing to do-because 95% of a car can be recycled! From their website here is some other ways old cars can be used:

  • Rescue and Rehabilitate Springers with Your Car Donation-
    Dogs are every man’s best friend. They are known for their exceptional loyalty to their owners especially when they are treated right. With a car donation, you can help encourage more responsible pet handling practices to the public. Helping out causes that foster the right attitude towards these canine friends …
  • Your Old Car Could Be A Shelter To the Homeless
    Recent studies show that abut 759,101 people in America take refuge in emergency homes every night. In California alone, the homeless population counts to about 177,722, which gives it the highest share of percentage in terms of homelessness. Of this figure (759,101), only 56% or about 428,000 are given the …
  • From an Old Car to a Safe Home
    Three and a half million dollars could buy about 17 mid-size cars at 200,000 dollars each or maybe even 10 houses. But did you know that the same number—3.5 million, also account for people who go through a year homeless? This counts for 842,000 people per week and accounts for …

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    Cars4Charities has 1,000+ charities for you to donate your car to. Car donation is free and fast. You can even donate a car that does not run. You’ll get a tax deduction when you donate car and the charity will get the proceeds from the sale of your car donation.

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    This is a great news. I have always been an environmentalist and at the same time an animal lover. So please instead of dumping your old and wasted cars please donate them. By this you were able to help the environment and was able to help someone homeless or dogs who needs affections.

    Maybe someone can post a contacts where we can donate.

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