Reuse Lottery Tickets Make Art

Millions of Lottery Tickets throughout the world go into the Trash, only a few get to be recycled into Millions of Dollars.

Several States are promoting Recycle and Win (Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts) but millions of lottery tickets are sold weekly and most land up in the trash, not even recycled.

Two artists,  Lauren Was and Adam Eckstrom have created art from reclaimed lottery tickets. Dream sculptures, wall paper, are and even furniture decor. Their website is called Ghost of a Dream, which buying lottery tickets is.

$29,000 worth of discarded lottery tickets, wood steel, foam, speakers, and wheels

he artists specifically matched the price of the total lottery tickets used to the actual dollar value of each item (i.e. $39,000 of lottery tickets for the Hummer “Dream Car”)

Dream Home” was created out of $70,000 worth of discarded scratch-off lottery tickets along with foam, wood, and steel. “Dream Home

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  1. Charles Wagner says

    Are the slick lottery tickets sold in the state of Indiana composed of carcinogenic components?


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