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Reclaimed Wood From Old Fort

First I went to Architectural Salvage on Kettner Blvd- What a great place! If you are looking for hardware, doors, stained glass, they have tons in stock! What I loved- the tin sinks, which were fabulous! Unfortunately didn’t need them now and maybe some time in the far future. They have bathtubs, sinks, newels, grates, locks, lighting and lots more of great stuff. Pricing is the same if not better than your local home improvement store. I didn’t have my camera with me, so sorry no pics!

My favorite is Builders Surplus Building Materials in Leucadia, Encinitas. They have been around for 16 years, 2 years in this location. The focus is on doors, windows and ironwork, but they have hardware, granite, ornamental tile and  reclaimed wood and whatever else is available. My camera’s batteries died so can only show a few pics.

If you go, be sure to wander into the back forty, where all the granite, wood, posts, newels and stuff are stored! They salvage products, get stock overruns and take on used building materials on consignment.

Reclaimed Wood- Old Barn

This Pecan wood just came in from an old barn.

Reclaimed Doors

This door is part of a tropical Set, absolutely gorgeous.

The workmanship is awesome on this old door!

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  1. al smith says

    do you have info regarding if theres another company of yours closer to fresno ca
    we are needing used building material. please, if you have a phone number can you let me know that info.

    thank you
    al smith

  2. John says

    Looking for short (10 ft or so) section of used culvert pipe (corrugated steel pipe), 3-4 feet diameter, round or arched. Any ideas who’d have that, within say 30 miles of San Diego, or in Mexico? Thanks!

  3. says

    Demko Warehouse, we are demolition company and have been doing business in San Diego for 30 years. We have always brought items back to re-sell to the public. We post adds on Craigslist, the reader, sign on san diego. If there are green builders, designers, or both in the area who are looking for this kind of resource we are looking to expand our warehouse. We will have a weekly inventory sheet. A few items this week are Bamboo flooring, Laminate flooring, Handicap rails, Dishwasher, Jacuzzi tub, Electrical strut, and Carpet squares. Each week we get new inventory and we are looking for people and companies to sell to. Please call 619-654-0226, or email

    If you have

  4. Jim says

    Looking for used corrugated metal, got any ?

    my wife and i are re-doing our bathroom looking for used corrugated metal with some patina…

    please let me know

  5. Dave Straight says

    Hi, I work with a Mens shelter in Tijuana and looking to build an Trough Urinal. My thought is to use some used large diameter pvc pipe cut in half 10-12 in. x 8′ long with supports built below. Do you carry this, or know of someone who does?

  6. dee schmidt says

    My husband is building me a garden shed. Have an old iron door pediment with sides. Do you know where I can get a vintage door no wider than 30 inches? Thank you…

  7. Tom Spence says

    Just completed remodel. I have a new TM Cobb 2 foot x 3 foot double hung wood window. Will consider all offers.

  8. MIke says

    Looking for used roof trusses: 7 of them at 18′ for a horse shelter. Any suggestions?

  9. says

    I live in Arlington, United States and my career in fact
    deals with this area. Love for what you believe and
    in putting it into words is a real gift. Your writing is
    informative, illuminating, and passion-driven, all of which I profoundly respect when
    dealing with this topic.

  10. Meliza says

    We have a big lot of Douglas Fir siding from the early 60’s. Contact me if interested and I will send photos. Has to go this week as the house is being purchased.

  11. James Faris says

    For those who are interested. I need to get rid of 7 brand new high quality Milgard sliding glass patio doors asap. They are sitting on the jobsite and are still in their packaging. They are big doors measuring 72″ x 96″ and are dual paned with UV glass. They include everything including screens, frames, and tracks.

    There are also 7 new Milgard sliding windows of which 4 of them measure 48″ x 66″, 2 measure 24″ x 36″, and one window is a Awning Matelux glass measuring 48″ x 18″.

    Everyting is sitting where they were delivered at the jobsite in Laguna Niguel, CA 92677. Construction stopped on this site about 1 1/2 years ago and these Milgards are just sitting there. Thery’re high quality windows as this was going to be a multi-million dollor total reconstruction. I guess the original property owner dreamed bigger the he could afford. I just bought the property and am going to finish the project except changes have been made and these windows will no longer fit the plan.

    They all have to go ASAP cause they are in the way. Make an offer. First come, first served

    I can email some pics and a copy of the original invoice or better yet, we can make arrangements to meet at the jobsite. Thanks – Jimmy 949-303-0239

  12. Elena says

    We have a commercial space ( 4000 sqft) that was divided by the tenant with solid wood partitions in 5 different spaces. includes doors.
    New tenant wants open space. Would like someone to gently remove and take away all the partitions, and door, at no cost to me.
    San Diego, Ca.

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