The Horrible Effects of Litter And Trash In The Ocean

I saw this video and just about cried. These are actual pictures, no posing, no staging, it’s just about the harmful effects of litter, trash and garbage in the ocean. What happens, litter runs into the storm drains, goes into the ocean and this is the result. Not counting people littering on beaches, people throwing trash and garbage overboard. Think of this as your kid and what your kids are eating.

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  1. Shades of Green-Birmingham says

    We recently launched Shades of Green an eco-friendly company in the Birmingham, Alabama area! Can’t wait to read your next post.. keep up the great green work!

  2. Arden Rose says

    look i am a greenie i just love wildlife and when i see pictures of pollution i get so angry – its not hard to just walk to a bin
    and if i see anyone through rubbish on the floor i have a go at them – and so i should we all are responable for everything we do!
    arden rose xx

  3. doris estabrooks says

    could i get your permission to use your picture on a poster i am doing for captain moore’s speech here on san juan island october 26th?
    would appreciate any pictures you have that i could use.
    doris estabrooks

  4. Jessica says

    Arden Rose!!!!!
    Wow i watch you on youtube and had no idea that u cared about the environment so much. thats such a good thing to hear and keep it up! i love your videos, keep them coming:)

  5. Delaney says

    This is so sad! I’m doing a project on ocean garbage and I’ve seen tons of videos and pics like this. It makes me sick to my stomach to see all these innocent creatures suffering because the human race is stupid! The damage we’ve caused is irreversible and it makes me feel so guilty that we caused so many animals to die. I was never really and environmentalist, but this video has definitely turned me into one! I hope one day the human race will see how stupid we are being and we can stop this from happening!

  6. Monica, from SA says

    I’m doing a presentation in my class about the negetive impacts people have on oceans and i never realised we contribute a lot to the damages happening on our beaches, people please we need to stop littering its discusting…

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