Top 10 Ways to Reuse Metro Cards

Think about how many metro cards, bus passes, ticket stubs people use everyday and all are either thrown away and hopefully recycled, which looking at the amount of stubs on the street, not too many!

I just Got To Eco Ya

  • The Metroplitan Transportation Authority (MTA) transports about 7 Million People a Day via train or bus.
  • You can recycle MTA Cards but most people do not.
  • How To Make A Living Finding Metrocards, a great blog on what money is left on MetroCards

Top Ways To Recycle Metro Cards

1.) Make Furniture- Stephen Shaheen took 5,000 Metro Cards and made an upcycled bench

Source:; Yanko Design

Other people have taken Metro Cards to another level

2.) Make Clothing: Metro Card Suit

3.) Others such at Harlem Knitting are using Metro Cards to Make Purses


4.) Make a Mosaic Picture Frame

5.) Make Jewelry – Foreign Unity, has creatively reused Metro Card into pretty cool Jewelry


6.) Make Clothes

John Harvey Photo

Flickr exEd

MetroCard Wedding

7.) Make Hats or Headwear (Metrocard Man)

8.) Decorate Your Bike

Metro Card Bike

9.) Make Memory Memos

10.) Make Art – Luis Torres, MTA boothman, has been creating MetroCard Art.

MetroCard Art


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