Top 11 Ways to Recycle and Reuse Baby Cribs

Crib Organizer Wall

Hand Pots and Pans

Chez Larsson had seven creative ideas for how to recycle and reuse baby cribs using various parts in other rooms in your home- I have added a few more ideas as well. (Check the link for more pictures)

Wonderful and creative ideas to enhance your living green experience!

Crib Wall Art

  1. Mount it on the wall as a display for kids’ artwork.
  2. Hide unsightly radiators by turning it into a radiator cover.
  3. Re-purpose as a drying rack in the laundry room.
  4. Cover it with fabric and hang as decorative wall art.
  5. Use as a rack to hang pots and pans in the kitchen.
  6. Attach wheels and use it as a play-board for kids to decorate or set up blocks, toys, etc. Roll under the bed when finished with play for the day!
  7. Use as a Headboard for a bed
  8. Use as a trellis for the garden
  9. Use as a Wall Organizer (see above)
  10. Make a Server Area
  11. Donate or give-away or sell on Craigs list

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  1. says

    so creative!!! What an awesome idea. Now you have me looking all around my house wondering how to use other items I just don’t really like anymore. I’m going to chop them up and put them somewhere else. Awesome! I won’t be able to do it with my child’s crib though because I got a convertible one that I can change into bigger beds throughout the years. I got it at for any parents who want to do the same. But, I will definitely be taking your advice and using it in other areas. Thanks so much for that post!

  2. Rebecca says

    What fabulous ideas for recycling an old crib. I have been agonizing about what to do with our crib that is missing a piece and is so old, I can’t get the company to send me a replacement piece because they don’t make them. My husband and I didn’t want to just throw it in the landfill and know we have all these great ideas. I really love the trellis idea. Thanks so much!

  3. says

    With so many crib recalls in the last few years I’m scared to recycle a crib into anything else but fire wood on a chilly evening. Although that’s not such a great idea with whatever varnish is used for the finish. So I think one great idea for crib recycling is to use as a trellis for flowers and plants. After a couple of seasons you’ll have a nice solid wall with smooth poles and no worries about splinters.

  4. Christine says

    I love the idea for a pot rack. I have been wanting one, but they are so expensive. I was wondering what you use to hook the pots to it. Since the slats are probably too wide to use the S hooks that you normally would use I would appreciate any ideas anyone would have about what can be used.

  5. NLP Practitioner : says

    our baby cribs are usually made from wood and i very much prefer wood over metal cribs`’:

  6. Linda Kinder says

    We took an old crib apart and use the sections in our doorways for pet gates. The crib end pieces fit in regular doorways very nicely. We added hook and eye latches to keep them in place, yet they are easily removable. The longer side pieces fit across larger openings, and can be slid out of the way as needed.

  7. says

    I can’t believe I didn’t think of this! I am so amazed by what people come up with for reusing things that might end of up in our landfill! She’s Crafty is one of the thousands of crafters who are doing this! It is just amazing how many really neat things can be made if you just think outside the box!

  8. cmthompson says

    I came here looking for ideas because now that the new mandatory regulations have gone into effect regarding the sale of drop-side cribs, your #11 is no longer legal. After reading the official ruling myself, it is apparent that even an individual cannot resell his/her drop-side crib with or without an immobilizer kit. Fixed side cribs are just fine to pass around, but drop-side cribs are not eligible for this treatment. The more of us who find out and pass the word on, the better! Thanks for an alternative to the dump.

  9. pax says

    All good ideas. For #11…maybe donate to someone else on craigslist to repurpose only — w/o hardware. Also one can make a great chair from the ends of the crib as the back of the chair and wood for the front. Google it to see some beautiful designs along with headboards as benches. Robo margo has neat ideas in this area. Thanks for sharing everyone…love when people create and share and pass it on. :)

  10. kathy brown says

    I love the wall organizer. My daughter has a craft room and needs the storage room for her scrapbook stuff . would love to know where you got the metal storage containers. I have everyone looking at used stores for the spice racks. I have looked on the net but can’t find the metal storage bins. I think they make the rack. I would like to make this for her birthday , in February so if you could help it would be appreciate.

  11. Cindy Heape says

    I have kept my kids crib and refuse to get rid of it. I never would have imagined there were so many things I could have done with it! Now I have several ideas I can do with it and still use my crib!!

  12. Rachel says

    I love the craft room wall storage idea! I split my crib panel in half and have it ready to mount. Where did you find the metal half moon baskets at the top?

  13. Morgan Myers says

    Hello, Cathy!

    I am working on a blog post about creative ways to repurpose old cribs on the Kaplan Early Learning Company blog. I would love to feature a picture of the crib turned wall organizer from this blog post. Would you be willing to grant us permission to use this photo? We would provide a link to your blog post and reference your blog as the “source.” If you would like to view our blog, you can check it out at

    Thanks for your time!

  14. Lola says

    I use a crib side for my magazine holder that sits just behind the front door. It takes up a minimal of space.

  15. Tara M says

    A very good way to reuse and recycle an old cribs for just about anything that comes to mind. Very nice article on reuse and recycling of the cribs. There has been recalls on some of the cribs. Thank you for this article on old cribs.


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