Top 20 Ways To Reuse and Recycle Bras

Make a Bustier

Make a Bustier

Every year I have my clothing exchange and donation and one of the items we get the most of is bras. Even though I put it into the clothing to be given away, I was always relucant to give away used intimate apparrel.

Not anymore! The Bosum Buddy  Recycling BraProgram want your bras! They are a textile recycling company whom specialized in recycled bras and giving them to women who need basic intimate staples.

They need bras in good condition that can be reworn and all sizes, and take special needs bras, post breast surgery and maternity bras. To find out more click on their site or even visit them on Facebook. They have drop off location in AZ, Dallas or Sacramento or you can mail them in.

Reuse- Make Art

Reuse- Make Art

But if you are in Japan, Wacoal, a undergarment manufacturer started collecting used bras for recycling. So far the company has collected 350 bags or 36,000 old bras.

In the UK there is you can donate your old bras there. The collect and distribute bras to charities in the UK and abroad.

20 Ways To Reuse Old Bras

1. Use on fruit trees or vegetables to cradle ripening food.

Reuse Bras- Make a Quilt

Reuse Bras- Make a Quilt

2. Use for scarecrow clothing
3. Make a quilt
4. Use for patches on jeans, pants and even shirts
5. Decor your bedroom, frame the bra.
5. Use to make a cell phone purse or even an Ipod purse.
7. Use to sew a pocket on your gear to hold ipods or cell phones
8. Re-sew the bra into a camisole
9. Take apart and put in your favorite ‘herbs’ and make sachets. Place in dressers or closets.
10. Reuse the elastic for other craft items.
11. Reuse the hooks for craft items
12. Cut the hooks off and use as extenders on older bras.

Make A Bra Purse

Make A Bra Purse

13. If your bra is out of cotton, compost it.
14. Make a purse or wallet. See Craftbits
15. Re-fashion into a dust mask.
16 Make Art Work
17. Re-Purpose into a Bustier
18. Use For Exercise and tone up those muscles.

19. Wrap Xmas Tree ornaments

20. Use as Knee pads

Photo Sources-Curbly

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  1. says

    those were some interesting ideas, but I don’t know. What I would do with my old bras is wash them really good. soaking for a day then 2 wash cycles and donate them.

  2. Earth Song says

    How would you suggest turning your bra into a dust mask? I would love to do it but I’m just not that crafty.

    Thank you!

  3. says

    We would like to share what we in Zamboanga City, Philippines is doing to our donated, used BRAs. Ciudad Medical Zamboanga, a private tertiary hospital here now has a Giant BRA Installation Art as symbol of our CMZ Bra to Raise Awareness Campaign Project for Breast Wellness and Breast Cancer Awareness (our Corporate Social Responsibility program). This Installation Art conceptualized by artist, Rameer Tawasil is made of about 1600 bras, 550 of which are decorated bras (contributed by our CMZ staff and partners in the community and also from abroad).
    You may check out the CMZ BRA Campaign Project Facebook Page and my blog: In Pinay’s Ciudad.
    Here is one of our links:


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