Top 50 Ways To Reuse Altoids Tins

My favorite mint is Altoids, but what to do with the tins? You can recycle them, throw them in the recycle bin- but just in case you wanted to know how to reuse Altoid tins or for that matter any mint tins. Check out our Favorite 50 way to reuse Altoid tins.

Top 50 Ways To Reuse Altoid Tins

1.) Store paperclips, rubber bands and other small desk items. Keep a selection in your car.

2.) Store miscellaneous items in your rolling briefcase

3.) Decorate and give away as gifts


Decorated Altoid Tin


4.) Put make up in to carry

5.) Use to carry your eyeglass cleaning cloth and cleaner, so it doesnt get lost

6. ) Make a First Aid Kit

7.) Store Flashdrives

8.) Make a Guitar

9.) How to make a pintoid Camera

10.) Altoids tin as external battery pack

11.) iPod shuffle case

12.) Altoids tin crystal radio

13. Make a USB Drive. Example of Altoids USB drive Instructions on how to make a combo USB drive

14.) Completed Altoids vibrobot

15.) Store Sewing Supplies

16.) Store Small Camera

17.) Keep pocket Change

18.) Store pics of friend and family, keep in purse, car, briefcase, backpack

19.) Store hair accessories, such a barrettes and bobby pins.

20.) Store guitar pics

21.) Store nails, screws and other handyman items

22.) Keep for a hiding ashtray

23.) Store your Stash

24.) Use to Make fires- Full instructions here.

25.) Use to make a portable BBQ

26.) Store game pieces that might get lost.


27.) Use to mix small batches of paints.

28.) Store excess keys, you can also bury them around the house in case you get locked out.

29.) Make a flashlight

Altoids Flashlight

30.) Make a Electronics Lab

31.) Make a Martini (yep with Olive)

32.) Make a Candle or reuse as a candle base

33.) Store jewelry, also makes great way to travel with jewelry

34.) Use to store spices (I have tumeric in an Altoid Tin)

34.) Use for potpourri


35.) Make some Steampunk Art

36.) Store Playing Cards

37.) Make a miniature Tool Box


38.) Make Art


Karen Burene @

39.) Make An Advent Calendar



40.) Store Fishing Lures

41.) Make a Wallet



42.) Into Geo-Caching- Try using an Altoid Tin

43.) Use to store pills and vitamins, also good on a trip

44.) Make a Router



45.) Make a Man Valet (Love this one)


46.) Make a Dart Gun

47.) Make a Survival Kit



48.) Make a Snack Kit

49.) Make an MP3

50.) Make a postage stamp holder





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  1. Shirley says

    I use my old Altoid tins in the garage for storing different items, they are just the right size and they stack so well!

  2. L says

    I should use some of the Altoids tins to store my magnet Scrabble pieces, while attaching a strong magnet on the tin. Hmmmmmm….

  3. Rickie Toole says

    I love all the crafts for Altoid twins. However I do not empty twins fast. Is there a site that sells the twins? Please email me if there is a site.
    Thank you


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