Top 53 Ways to Reuse Blue Jeans-Make Money

Blue Jeans are the mainstay of many people’s life! So what do you do with them when they are outgrown (they shrunk?) out of style, too worn to wear. Found a great site- Recycle Your Jeans, who recycles Blue Jeans into some really cool stuff like shoes. They will remake your favorite blue jeans into a pair of sandals. How fabulous is that! 

The most Eco Friendly thing you can do is

  • Buy from Thrift Stores (re-use) 
  • Continue to wear them- patch (with other blue jeans)  
  • Cut them off to make Shorts 
  • Donate- many places to donate, but keep checking, companies like Green Jeans Insulation was taking blue jeans at one time.  
  • Reuse 

Top 53 Way to Reuse Blue Jeans- Make and Save Money 

1.) Use as Rags 

2.) Make an iPod and Phone protector (Instructions

3.) Use Legs as Wall Organizer 


4.) Make a Nail Pouch

5.) Make A ScareCrow

6.) Make Pot Holders 

7.) Hold your pencils (pocket) Take advantage of the strength of denim and make a rectangular zippered bag large enough to store all the kid’s pens and pencils

8.) Make a Pocket Magnet for the refrigator

9.) Repair a Rust Spot-

10.) Use as Insultaion – or stuff into cracks  

11.) Make a Weight- exercize or otherwise

12.) Soothe Muscles by making a Hot Pack -se the leg from a pair of jeans to make a tube-shaped Rice Hot Pack – just fill with white rice and microwave until warm

13.) Create Tiebacks for your Curtains  

14.) Make a Quilt (really cool quilts) 

15.) Pattern a paint job

16.) Make a Tool Wrap 

17.) Make a Purse (another instruction) 

18.) Make a Skirt 

19.) Make a Tote Bag

20.) Make a Rug 

21.) Piece together to make a pillow cover

22.) Make Ladder Guards

23.) Make PlaceMats -Use old jeans to make unique placemats…incorporate the pockets as part of the placemat to hold silverware in place

24.) Make A Wine Bag-Use the legs from blue jeans to make two wine bags…sew the bottom closed, and hem the top leaving an opening on one side, or both sides, to thread through a golden cord drawstring. Leave plain or embellish with lace, buttons, ribbon, or small silk flowers

25.) Make a Sofa Cover 

26.) Make a Clothes Pin Bag 

27.) Make an Apron 

28.) Make a Book Cover 

29.) Make a Toilet Lid Cover and Accessories

30.) Make Christmas Stockings 

31.) Desk Accessories -Made desk accessories recyclg asst tin cans and small bits of denim scraps from projects & glued on randomly like mosaic tiles, used 1 long strip around the top lip of cans to cover rim. Also made, a denim cork board from old wood picture frame from a GoodWill find, thick foamboard covered in cork sheets -then used the thick double stitched inseam from pairs of jeans to make a criss crossed weave across frame opening, stapled denim inseam into the wood picture frame. Insert backing into picture frame, staple into pix frame also to secure. 

32.) Make a Flower Pot- Put the legs off just above the knee. Turn pants part inside out ans sew from front to back on both legs. Now soak the pants in pure liquid starch.Fold the sewn pant legs to form the base of pot. Place blown up balloonsin the pants.Stuff plastic bags crumpled up in the space around the balloons.Let dry for a few days. If you are going to put them outside spray with a waterproof substance

33.) Make a Pair of Slippers 

34.) Make a Choker (necklace) 

35.) Make a Door Stopper or Use to Stop drafts- use the leg of old jeans as door draft stoppers. Cut off a leg (a blue jean leg, that is), stuff it with old fabric or other filling like plastic bags, and sew up both ends. They work great for keeping doorway drafts at bay.

36.) Make Pet Toys 

37.) Make a Toaster Cover 

38.) Make a Jean Leg Purse-

39.) Make a Sit upon Pillow–  

40.) Make a Bed Skirt 

41.) Make a Vest 

42.) Make Christmas Tree Ornaments 

43.) Water Bottle Holder- 

44.) Make Dolls 

45.) Make a Coffee Cup Warmer

46.) Make Knee Pads 

47.) Make Photo Frames

48.) Make a Reusable Lunch Bag 

49.) Make a Camera Cozy 

50.) Use the legs as hanging sleeves for storing plastic bags, cleaning rags 

51.) Use as Patches and embellishments on other clothing 

52.) Make a Jacket 

53.) Make A Gift box or use for Gift Wrapping. 


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  1. says

    What a fantastic list of things that one can do to recycle, reuse, and upcycle our old denim jeans into. This is a wonderful post to bookmark for any crafters out there.

  2. says

    Old, softly, worn denim is one of the most wonderful materials to re-cycle into “new” useful or high fashion gear. My book, “Denim Revolution” and blog have tons of ideas and ways to have fun, painting, sewing, creating, patching and having fun with old jeans. Above is a great list to encourage and inspire creative ways to re-use denim.

  3. Azri'el says

    I have taken blue jean legs and cut them into 1 1/2″ strips and working them in various lengths added in as I go along I braided them together with it being a three strip braid that will be as long as 20′ long. I then start with carpet thread and as I “coil” the braided denim “rope” I stitch it together to make throw rugs. I sold one for $75 that was a 3’x6′ denim throw.

  4. says

    Many Thanks for posting Top 53 Ways to Reuse Blue Jeans-Make Money | Green Eco Services, I just actually was looking for anything related and was
    happy to come across the info as a result of this particular content.

  5. says

    So much to do with jeans. You can never get enough of the used jeans to cut and sew. I have been doing this for years and have made a lot of aprons and bags. Now I am always looking for something new and have found one or two on your site. Thank you for the inspiration. Sara

  6. says

    Hi there cool website! Male. Fantastic. Wonderful. I most certainly will search for your website in addition to make feeds also? My business is pleased to locate plenty of helpful information and facts through the actual organize, we want create further methods normally made available, thanks for spreading.

  7. cheryl xavier says

    I am a single mama of 4 . I am so happy you have thought of all these wonderful ideas for re using old jeans. here’s a few more. make quilts for homeless shelters and the poor, curtains for outside on the porch, make a behind the door or closet shoe hanger, recover seats in your automobile, make a picnic blanket, make your own luggage by cutting and sewing pieces together. hair scrunchies, homemade slippers, make a new chair bottom, . I have found a bunch of stuff to do with old jeans and clothes. if you can get a group of people to make long wide strips, you can make some really pretty quilts in no time. have fun with my ideas, and keep dreaming up more new ideas!


  1. […] Nothing is worse than when your favorite jeans just become so worn out and you hate to give them up. Of course you have several options, donate them, reuse or best yet, remake them into something you will wear again! Jean Repair has come to your rescue with wonderful resource (and free) tips and advice on reusing and recycling your favorite jeans into new eco-chic fashions. Jean Repair also offers tips on how to maintain jeans, re-make into other crafts as well as a resource on where to recycle your old jeans. […]

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