Top 62 Ways To Reuse Socks

Why socks seem to wear out fast, I don’t know, where the other half disappears to is another mystery. So what do you do with 1/2 pairs of socks and ones that have big holes?

My friend Madeleine of Optique of Denver sent  me a picture of a sock bouquet that was absolutely fun and a great reuse of socks, which got me to thinking about reusing socks.

Sock Bouquet

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62 Ways to Reuse Socks

1.) Use for dusting mitts- perfect for blinds, hard to reach spots, fireplaces

2.) Put on the bottom of chairs, tables to prevent stratching or help in moving.

3.) Use for stuffing  pillows

4.) Make toys, such a puppets

5.) Make Animal toys for pets

6.) Sew Together and Make New Socks


7.) Use a covering for storing shoes or protecting shoes

8.) Use as a soap on a rope

9.) Cut off the toes and use as leg warmers or arm warmers

10.) Neck Warmer: Take a clean knee high sock and fill it with cheap white rice. Tie off the open end into a knot. Then, place the rice-filled sock in your microwave and heat it for two to four minutes. Remove the sock and place it around your neck, on your arm or leg- anywhere you have an aching muscle. When the rice cools down, reheat as needed

11.) Cut apart and use as tie strips for the garden

12.) Cut up and use as tie strips for the hair

13.) Make a Moth Ball bag

14.) Rough feet and hands- spread vaseline on your feet and put on old socks. Sleep with them and by the next morning your feet will be softer.

15.) Don’t buy slippers, just use your old socks.

16.) Use for Back Pain: Tie a large knot- the size of a tennis ball- in an old knee sock. Then, lie down flat and place the knot underneath your leg where you feel the pain. Roll gently back and forth and let the recycled sock apply pressure to the sore area until the pain lets up.

17.) Make Doll clothes

18.) Use For Potted Plants

Orla Kiely's idea to reuse the orphan socks

19.) Make washcloths

20.) Use for shoe polishers

21.) Make Sanitary Napkins

22.) Make Hair Curlers

23.) Use for Cold Compress: Put ice in the socks, you can also freeze socks

24.) Cut the toes from the socks, then sew the socks together in a long tube. Stuff the tubes with dryer lint and use as a door-stopper.

25.) Make a rag rug, placemats, purses (see crazy as a loon)

26.) Cold Days- Use a mitten liners or make gloves

27.) Use a storage for small toys that get lost

28.) Make a change purse, sew up the hole and stick your change or tokens in.

29.) Make a homemade Hacky Sack

30.) Make a drink cozy. cut off the bottom and slip the drink into the sock



31.) Keep pets feet warm

32.) Make a horse bandage.

33.) Make your own bandage. I have done this numerous times for cuts on my arms and legs.

34.) Make a quilt

35.) Use for washing cars, bikes

36.) Make Draft Protectors. Fill a long sock (knee-high is good) with beans, rice, or other spare filling that you have around the house. Sew or tie up one end and you have an instant, rounded draft protector.

37.) Make a jump rope, tie all the socks together.

38.) Use for packing away glasses. can stuff in glasses.

39.) Use for potpourri holders in dressers and closets. Sew up the holes and put in your favorite aromas.

40.) Wear different socks, if you have 2 unmatched pairs.

41.) Use for exercise: Sew up the holes, put in rice, beans and use for weight- lifting.

42.) Use for appliques on clothing. (Monkey Dress)

Monkey Dress:

43.) Use in the pantry: For messy bottles, just cut the bottom out and slip over messy bottles.

44.) Make a plant hanger

45.) Make an eyeglass case

46.) Use for scarecrows in the Garden

47.) Make Art


48.) Store crayons, magic markers etc..

49.) Shoe Freshener- Stuff with baking soda and put inside stinky shoes

50.) Have a whiteboard- Old socks are good erasers.

51.) Make a Paperweight


52.) Make a wristband or sweatband.

Avril Lavigne Wearing Sock Wristbands

53.) Use old socks to use as a wrist support for typing on computer. Fill to comfort with split peas, lentils, or rice and then sew the end up and place either for wrist support for key board, or make a smaller one to use for comfort support for your wrist when using mouse.

54.) Make Christmas Ornaments

55.) Decorate Vases


56.) Sew Together to Make A Scarf

57.) Make a garden

58.) Make A Sculpture

Photo: Montclair Art Museum

59.) Store Your iPod

60.) Wrap your belongings in when travelling

61.) Use as a hankerchief

62.) Make a Sock Bouquet


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