Top Four Ways to Recycle- Reuse Kitty Litter

As every cat owner knows, there is nothing more obnoxious or laboring than cleaning the kitty litter. Well, maybe that’s not entirely true, but the litter box does become a bit of a hassle for the cat lover in all of us. Not only is it there the daily process of cleaning out clumps of mess from the box, there is also the mess made around the litter area to worry about and the struggles with disposing of the used litter.

As eco conscious consumers, we work hard to waste as little as possible and find new avenues for reuse. Kitty litter is one avenue for reuse that many people haven’t ventured yet. While it does sound a little odd to reuse and recycle used kitty litter, there are several ways to recycle this material without being wasteful. Moreover, kitty litter when disposed in the wrong way can actually be harmful to the environment. Try these four techniques for recycling and reusing your kitty litter.

Even Out Your Lawn

One great use of used kitty litter is to even out the uneven areas of your yard. Small holes around your yard can be dangerous and annoying, causing people to trip or twist their ankles when they are walking around your lawn. To avoid this hazard try filling in the holes with used kitty litter. If you have small sink holes or animal holes in your yard that you would like to fill in, try putting several scoops of used kitty litter in them to even them out. This is a non-toxic and safe remedy for an uneven lawn.

Help with Poison Ivy

Another interesting use for used kitty litter is as a solution for poison ivy around your house. If you have pesky and worrisome poison ivy around your home, kitty litter has been shown to kill it. Sprinkle the ivy areas with your used kitty litter and gain more control over the weed.

Use Some Kinds of Litter as Mulch


If you have kitty litter that is made from wood pellets or wheat, it can be used as a great substitute for pricy and wasteful mulch in your garden. Remove any of the waste from your litter and then spread the litter in your garden. The litter will act as mulch and help to keep the ground moist for your plants. This is a great way to save money on your gardening expenses and keep kitty litter out of local landfills.

Soak Up Oil Spots

The absorbing properties of kitty litter can also act as a very useful resource for cleaning up oil spots and spills on your driveway. Reuse your kitty litter by placing a few scoops on the spot where oil may form from your parked cars. These stains can be very tricky to lift off of concrete if they already exist, so it is a good idea to try to prevent them from the start. Spread some used kitty litter over the places where an oil spot may exist to prevent annoying stains.

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  1. Noelle Robbins says

    I like the suggestion of using kitty litter to soak up oil leaks from cars, but then what do you do to finally get rid of the litter when it is oily??

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