Walking Green: 10 Harmful Effects of Litter

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  • It is estimated in that California spends 1 Billion dollars annually on litter clean up
  • 7 Billion tons of debris enter the world oceans annually. Most of it is long lasting plastic.
  • An estimated 100,000 sea mammals and turtles are killed by plastic litter every year.
  • A sperm whale found dead on a North American beach was discovered to have starved to death because a plastic gallon bottle which it had swallowed had plugged its small intestine. The animal was full of plastic material ranging from other plastic bottles to 12m of nylon rope.

10 Harmful Effects of Litter

1.) Litter in the streets and parks can travel through storm drains to bays and oceans, where it harms wildlife

2.) Litter cost money. Removing litter cost everyone who pays taxes.

3.) Threat to Public Health. Attracts rats and other rodents and is a breeding ground for bacteria.

4.) Litter can be a fire hazard.

5.) Looks bad, and can effect the value of your home and business.

6.) Can affect local economy, especially in tourist locations.

7.) Litter breeds other litter. Sends out message that people don’t care.

8.) Harm or kill wildlife.

9.) Harms Waterways. Even animal leavings, leaves and grass affect wildlife.

10.) It demoralizing and disgusting.

If New Orleans can do it so can we. Check out this article! Or this solution from Nola

For more information go to Drink This.

What’s up and coming with California Litter Laws: Californians Against Waste;



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