Win-Win: Wheels For Wishes

Tax Season is upon us and many  have had their taxes done and are ruing that they didn’t give away enough to offset paying taxes.  In preparation for next year.. so you don’t forget, consider donating your car to an organization like Wheels For Wishes, Wheels for Wishes takes cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, SUVS, RV;s.

The benefits of Donating:

1. Pain in The  Butt: Save yourself some time and grief.

2. A Tax Deduction- I consider it like paying myself rather than some corrupt government official.

3. It’s Over- Take that off your checklist of one more thing to do, one less bill to pay, one less gas tank to fill. You don’t have to fix the car

#4. It’s Easy- Call or fill in the form.. They make it easy.

#5. It’s A Good Thing- You can Feel good about yourself.

Wheels For Wishes benefits Make-A- Wish which grants wishes to children with lift-threatening illness. ‘Wheels For Wishes 501(c)(3) charity benefits your local Make-A-Wish®. Since 1980, Make-A-Wish as a whole has granted the wishes of more than 250,000 children around the world.’



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