Taxpayer Cost of Litter In Pennsylvania 2014


Most states have an annual litter clean up and the Great American Cleanup of Pennsylvania continues on through May 31st. Cleanup supplies such as bags, gloves and vests donated by PennDOT and Keep America Beautiful.  Additionally, during the Pick It ... [ Read More ]

23 Unusual Upcycled Eyeglasses


We love eyewear and sunwear. We really love creators of eyewear that upcycle or reuse materials that you would never in your lifetime think you can use to make eyeglasses. We put together some of favorite eyeglasses made from reclaimed materials that ... [ Read More ]

31 Eco Friendly Ways To Get Rid Of Snails


I love my volunteer garden. I hate the snails. What I want is to be able to go to my kitchen and find a non-toxic way to get rid of these pesky things that are eating up my veggies. Snails are important to the food chain as they are food for many ... [ Read More ]

Kids Making Art From Beach Trash And Found Objects

beach trash art 2

Awhile ago we wrote about Cat Chiu Phillips who is creating art from plastic bags. Catherine is also an middle school teacher (7th and 8th graders) who is also incorporating Reusing into Art into her classes. These works of art are from a class and a ... [ Read More ]

The Challenge Of Getting Rid of Junk Mail

Junk mail

Getting to paperless is a long trek. Logging in to every site, coming up safe passwords, changing them after every hack. Several years ago, I collected all the junk mail from Citi and Southwest Airlines. At the end of the year I  mailed it back to ... [ Read More ]

The Mystery of Egg Labeling


A new law in California Proposition 2 took effect this week on Eggs and Chickens. The new law mandates that Chicken farmers must provide a cage free or modify the existing conditions so that hens have a more environmentally friendly place to lay ... [ Read More ]

Six Ways To Reuse And Recycle Christmas Lights

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We hope you are starting to develop your own Waste Free Christmas. Aside from the packaging, one of the most toxic to the environment items you can reuse and recycle are Christmas Tree Lights. Christmas Tree Lights are not biodegradable and they ... [ Read More ]

Plastic Bag Art By Catherine


One of the people who has took some of my FREE beach trash, was a middle school teacher named Catherine. It turns out that Catherine is a bit of an artist herself. This is a plastic bag installation that was done in the Solana Beach Coaster Train ... [ Read More ]

11 Pumpkins Made From Trash

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Halloween is coming up and instead of buying new plastic decorations that will be thrown away, why not reuse and decorate from objects you have around the house? 1.) Most people have some screens and maybe like me, I just replaced all my screens ... [ Read More ]