17 Ways To Reuse Cars In The Yard

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It is estimated that over 12 Million cars are trashed every year in the United States and land up in salvage yards. The  Auto Alliance says that car recycling is the 16th largest industry and garners $25 billion a year. While 75% of the car can be ... [ Read More ]

Taxpayer Cost of Illegal Dumping In The USA

GES- litter cost

I see it all the time, not only are people littering on the beaches, they illegally dump mattresses, couches and other household items on the beach. It is easy to do, pull up at night and just drop the stuff off... Think about how many times you see ... [ Read More ]

Make Everyday Earth Day: Just Say No

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It struck me that millions of people are celebrating Earth Day this weekend through Wednesday. Earth Fairs, recycle events, litter clean ups... but the reality is Earth Day can be everyday. In fact celebrating Earth Day Everyday, not only will you go ... [ Read More ]

Sex And Human Trafficking

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Recently it came to my attention about the top 10 cities for sex- trafficking and I was appalled that not only was San Diego listed and Human Trafficking  has taken over drugs as the top cash source.  Who would have thought there are more slaves ... [ Read More ]