In Defense Of Sea World

San Diego Zoo Exhibit showing trash today

Several months ago I was walking on the beach with my friend Stephanie who asks, so did you sign the petition? What petition, there are so many of them, I responded. To free the Orcas in captivity. No, I did not and I will tell you why. I save ... [ Read More ]

100 Eyewear Companies That Give Back

Medicine Werx, member of 1% for The Planet and Plants trees for every purchase.

It is that time of year in the United States, where there is a mad scramble to use up your Flexible Spending Account funds. Employers made make contributions, you may make contributions, either way, FSA funds are a use it or lose proposition. You ... [ Read More ]

International Snow Leopard Day Is Oct 23

Image: Wikipedia, creative commons  by Connormah

I didn't know this, but 2015 has been designated as International Year of the Snow Leopard. In addition in 2013, October 23 was designated International Snow Leopard Day. Government leaders in the 12 countries that have snow leopards got ... [ Read More ]

17 UpCycled Car Lamps

Found on

When I read this article on how many crashed cars were used in the movie Furious 7, I was surprised. While 90% of a car can be recycled I never even thought about reusing cars in the movies. Since most of us are not involved in the movies, there are ... [ Read More ]

20 Ways To Reuse Fire Hoses

Fire hose Yellow-tote-bag

As we in California come into Wildfire Season and in the 4th year of drought, the thought occurred to me is what happens to all the fire hoses? Can they be reused? I just gotta Eco Ya 30,052 Estimated fire departments in the U.S 63, 212 ... [ Read More ]

The Right To Dry: Hang Drying Clothing


Over the last several years, as people have become more eco-conscious, many people have started to hang dry their clothing. Saves environment, saves money, saves clothing by lasting longer and saves time. Unfortunately as condos and apartment ... [ Read More ]

How Much Water Does It Take…

Water Foods

As I was enjoying one of our local home brewed beers, I started thinking about how much water does it take to make this one beer, which led into how much water does it take to do anything. When you are living in one of the 12 states that have drought ... [ Read More ]

National Wildlife Day Is Sept 4

Endangered Wildlife

When I first put an Endangered Board on my Pinterest, I was shocked at the total number of animals that are endangered and have become extinct in my lifetime. It is horrifying. Can you imagine a world without animals? National Wildlife Day was ... [ Read More ]

Lessons From BP: It Pays To Pollute

Image credit: Wikipedia Deepwater Horizon oil spill at Chandeleur Islands LA. Jeffrey Warren, Grass Roots Mapping project. Creative Commons

I received this information a while ago and apologies in advance, as I don't know where it came from. What is appalling is how BP made money off the gulf spill disaster. In fact, it was just a blip to BP and of no consequence, no remorse and no ... [ Read More ]