Reusing Denim: Upcycled Denim Furniture

Mias Land Liv

During the summer, I pick up 3-5 pairs of jeans weekly on the beach. Most of the jeans are fairly worn but they can still be reused. The problem is how to reuse the denim jeans and keep them out of the landfill. I think one of my next projects is to ... [ Read More ]

The Art of Eco Friendly Moving

In the past several years, moving and down sizing has come up often. Friends, who have lost their parents and have to get rid of stuff, people that have moved across country and now me. I just moved again. Easy peasy I thought, I have been downsizing ... [ Read More ]

Trash in Mexico

Trash Puerta Vallarta

I just came back from a trip to Puerta Vallarta and is was a eye-opener. When you think of Mexico you think of sunshine, tropics, culture, ruins, art and parties. You may think of poverty, corruption and safety. If you have visited Mexico, you might ... [ Read More ]

12 Ways To Reuse Ironing Boards

Image Credit unknown

I bet we all know people that love to iron and others that hate it. Whether you iron or not, most of us have an ironing board around. Fortunately they do not take up much space and best of all they can be recycled and repurposed very easily. Why ... [ Read More ]

11 Free And Frugal Eco-Friendly Holiday Gifts

Image: Creative commonsL

The holidays are tough... and one of the toughest things is the whole gift thing. For some reason people decided you have to give gifts or money to everyone. Mailmen, teachers, people at work, obscure friends drop off gifts, the neighbors and the ... [ Read More ]

In Defense Of Sea World

San Diego Zoo Exhibit showing trash today

Several months ago I was walking on the beach with my friend Stephanie who asks, so did you sign the petition? What petition, there are so many of them, I responded. To free the Orcas in captivity. No, I did not and I will tell you why. I save ... [ Read More ]