11 Ways to Reuse Burlap Bags And Where To Buy or Recycle

Reuse Burlap

Reuse Burlap

Having done several articles on recycling burlap and have had several coffee houses email and ask where to recycle their burlap, now I have just received some good news, Seattle Burlap www.seattleburlap.com a project of UpCycle Northwest is now reclaiming burlap from Seattles coffee roasters and re-selling to the public.

The good news about burlap: it’s a natural biodegradable and sustainable fabric that you can reuse many times over.

11 Creative Uses for Burlap Bags

  1. You can use burlap to make
  2. Make fashion accessories such as purses and belts, ties, vests,
  3. Make Halloween costumes,
  4. In the garden, for soil erosion, weed control
  5. Re-upholster chairs and sofas and even cover your lampshades
  6. General storage, like firewood, leaves (no more plastic bags).
  7. Use for mattress or pillow filling
  8. Use for insulation
  9. Use for gift bags instead of buying paper, saving you money!
  10. Use for sandbags
  11. Make Art- why not frame your favorite coffee!

Contact them at bags@seattleburlap.com

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  1. says

    12. Older worn and torn pieces of burlap can be used to cover newly planted grass seeds to keep the birds from eating the seeds and reduce soil erosion. And the grass simply grows up through the burlap.

    When the burlap finally rots the grass will take in its nutrients.

    Just spike it to the ground with long thin steel wires (think rusted coat hangers bent in an upside down U shape) that eventually rust away.

  2. David says

    Thanks for the Ideas, I work at an oyster bar and have got tired of watching all those bags go to the landfill.

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