15 Ways To Reuse Dishes

My mom was a dish collector.. she loves, loves, loves dishes.. until finally one day. she decided to get rid of about 700 assorted dishes. The problem was nobody wanted them on Craigslist, the consignment places wouldn’t take them and nobody took them at a garage sale.. What to do? Donate or Reuse?

First don’t ever throw away- (More ideas on our Pinterest Board)

1.) Break up and use in crafts and mosaics

2.) Make a Garden Path with broken plates

3.) Hang and use as window decoration

4.) Use broken plates in pots for drainage

5.) Make a Wind Dish Chime


6.) Make Tea Cup Candles


7.) Dishes in the Garden


8.) TeaCup Bird Feeder


9.) Teacup Pots


10.) Teacup Lamp


11.) TeaCup Lighting


12.) Teacup Light


13.) Punch Cup Lamp


14.) Plate Holder or I think they are calling these cupcake holders now!


Other Ideas 

5 Ways To Reuse Old Dishes 

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  1. says

    from Eco-Wise-donate to progressive food oriented organizations, so instead of using throw-aways they can re-use. churches as well as neighborhood groups for their fundraising parties etc. use them as plates!

  2. Nancy says

    I’m looking for colored transparent glass saucers and small pieces. Please e-mail me if you have any of these.

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