17 Ways To Reuse Watches

A friend of mine is making some driftwood hangings interspersed with jewelry and watches. She has asked that we donate any old pieces that we are now using. To my surprise, I found 10 old watches that I have had for years? How did that happen and why did I hang on to them? Watches can be recycled and or reusing into some very interesting works of art and or jewelry.

I just Gotta Eco Ya: (Source

  • 1,200,000,000 Watches are sold annually.
  • The US buys 10.2% of all watches
  • 53% of most watches are steel.
  • If in working order, you can donate to a charity
  • You might be able to sell at a scrap metal dealer.

That said, here are some fantastic watch reuse, in case you have a bunch of watches hanging around.

Found on perfectlyeffortless.tumblr.com


Found on goodideasforyou.com

Found on diyordie.elleinterior.se

Found on etsy.com

Found on maizehutton.com

Cufflinks Made from Watch Parts: Designer Watch Cufflinks are the handmade jewelry by artist and designer Ricky Wolbrom.

Sea Glass Locket from old watch: Found on bekindtoyourknees.tumblr.com

A Ladies Time, Vintage Elgin Watch Earrings Found on Etsy

Via Angie Kelly, Officiant at Peachy Keen Unions

Found on recyclart.org

Toronto-based sculptor Dan Tanenbaum makes miniature motorcycles crafted entirely from vintage watch parts.

Motorcycles and Cars by Dmitriy Khristenko: These come from the collection of motorcycles, cars, and bikes made from watch parts

Old watch parts upcycled into these amazing-looking sculptures. Made by Sue Beatrice of All Natural Arts.

Watch Part Sculptures by Natsumi Honda:



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    Hi, I can’t imagine the reuse of watches before finding this post. All pieces are creative. The cufflinks are really work of art.

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