18 Ways To Reuse Clay Pots In Your Garden

Clay Pots- Terra Cotta Pots are expensive yet it seems they are in every garage sale. I even found 3 pots on the beach! There are so many ways you can reuse clay pots and especially broken clay pots. But in case you have a ton of clay pots you don’t want anymore check out some of these Clay Pot People.

1.) Clay Pot Gardener


2.) The Clay Pot Sun Bather

Source: google.com via Jada on Pinterest


3.) The Clay Pot Relaxers

Source: bing.com via Sue on Pinterest


4.) The Clay Pot Debutante!

Source: thriftyfun.com via Lou on Pinterest


5.) The Clay Potter


6.) The Clay Pot Teatime!


7.) Clay Pot Bike Rider


8.) The Clay Pot Birdman


9.) The Clay Pot trio


10.) The Clay Pot Warrior


11.) This is Slick- Slick is made out of clay pots, a recycled bike, a recycled bike helmet. And of course, his shades!

Read more: http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=84829.0##ixzz2MVbDr9P3


12.) This is Terry Cotta- Terry is made from clay pots, she is seated on a recycled rocking chair and is wearing a stylish flower bonnet made from a recycled wire basket. I used left over acrylic paint, some raffia to look like straw, and little wooden signs & stickers to make the necklace


f you are looking at the above and going “How Did They DO That! Check out some easier Clay Pot Creations

13,) The Clay Pot Bird Bath


14.) The Clay Pot Bird Bath in Yellow- I think I could do this one!

Source: debbiemumm.com via Kari on Pinterest


15.) The Clay Pot Bird House

Source: Uploaded by user via Sue on Pinterest


Don’t throw away those broken clay pots

16.) Clay Pot Planter


17.) The Clay Pot Fairie Garden


18.) The Clay Pot Planter


If you have old terra cotta pots you can clean them: Source

  • Soaked the pots in hot bleach water, rinsed them, and then baked them in the oven at 480 degrees.
  • fill a bucket with water and do a mix with physan or other fungicide.
  • soak them in bleach water and dry in the sun.
  • You can use bleach, peroxide and just soak the pot.
  • soak in a diluted hydrogen peroxide solution

Other Ideas on Recycling Clay Pot


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