Green and Lean Upcycled Man Caves

Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.. anyone remember that book? If that is the case, men just want a space of their own and voila.. the advent of the Man Cave. What does the man want in his Man Cave? A huge TV screen, a bar, a few games, his … [Read more...]

12 Upcycled Wine Racks

According to recent reports American consumers are celebrating more often with a bottle of wine. More wine means more wine racks.. More wine rack production means more waste, higher carbon footprint… yada..yada. How much wine do we drink? A lot.. … [Read more...]

Reclaimed Cabinet From Airplanes: Aero 1946 Project

This is very cool two people, a dental technician and a tech historian, started taking a part an old airplane and reusing parts to make various pieces of furniture. Dubbed the AERO -1946 Project, they are combining the old with the new in a … [Read more...]

Desk Made With Reclaimed Wood And Plumbing

Nate Berkus shows how to make a desk from reclaimed wood and plumbing supplies. Now he says go to the plumbing store, but there is plently of free plumbing supplies at many reuse sites.   … [Read more...]

Eco Friendly Patio Furniture- Made In The USA

Haskell, a new innovative design firm with an emphasis on sustainability, introduces its Series 9 line, a collection of outdoor furnishings that includes everything needed to accommodate the modern outdoor environ in style. Launching online at … [Read more...]

Reuse-Reclaim Boats- Make Furniture

I had an email from a person looking for reclaimed furniture from boats. Something with a little history. Got me to goggling and found this great Boat Furniture site All From Boats made by Achmad Kurt, a German living in Indonesia. If you have ever … [Read more...]

Reclaimed Driftwood Table By Marcus O’Reilly Architects

I totally love this table! Called the Flotsam and Jetsam Table, it is made with reused driftwood collected from beaches of St. Kilda. The weathered look could go into any type of decor! … [Read more...]

Sustainable Furnishings Council

Associated Press: Once a laggard in the green scene, the $8.3 billion furniture industry is catching up. From individual furniture makers to national retailers, green furnishing options are popping up in many stores and price ranges to appeal to … [Read more...]

Eco Friendly-Recycled Cardboard Furniture by Krooom

If you have been reading this blog, I am almost fanatic about the many uses of cardboard! Krooom, has designed a new eco friendly furniture made from recycled cardboard. Krooom cardboard furniture is definitely a DYI, but as you can see by the below … [Read more...]

Reclaimed Furniture by Gursan Ergil

Gursan Design Studio in Istanbul creates what he calls Environmental Modernism. The following pieces are from reclaimed wood that is most likely hundreds of years old. … [Read more...]