Costco Trade -In & Recycle Program Unavailable

I was disappointed to learn that Costco;s trade in and recycle program is temporarily unavailable.  Where to go if you are a green gadget person and need to recycle-I highly recommend  My Green Electronics- with a recycler locator on site and reviews of ‘green products” 


My Green Electronics Listing of Corporate Recycle Programs 




Apple Apple offers a free recycling program of old computers and monitors with the purchase of a new Mac for customers in the United States, as well as a free iPod recycling program, conducted through Apple’s retail stores. Additionally Apple has instituted a trade-in program for educational and business customers in the United States.
Dell Dell has implemented systems to both recycle and reuse old computers. Dell offers free recycling of any of their branded items. Additionally, when you buy a new Dell computer Dell will recycle your old computer free regardless of the brand.
Gateway Gateway is committed to providing consumers and businesses with environmentally safe options for the disposal of used PCs. For more info on Gateway’s recycling & trade-in programs,
Hewlett-Packard Hewlett-Packard’s recycling program is 20 years strong and spans over 40 countries. In addition to recycling, HP offers a variety of product end-of-life management services including donation, trade-in, and asset recovery and leasing.
Panasonic As a service to all Panasonic mobile computer individual and organizational customers, Panasonic, through its partner PlanITROI, offers three interconnected, retired IT asset solutions covering product remarketing, reuse, or recycling. Each option for Panasonic’s Toughbook® mobile computers offers the assurance that the units will receive proper, environmentally sound disposal at their useful end of life. All units handled under the PlanITROI’s recycling process are managed in accordance with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency EPEAT standards. The process works the same for all customers and is free of charge. In addition, all units are handled in accordance with U.S. Department of Defense standards for data removal.
Sony Sony has launched the first nationwide Full Producer Responsibility program by working with Waste Management’s physical network of recycling centers around the country. The eCycling centers allow consumers, including businesses, to recycle all Sony-branded products for no fee throughout the U.S. The program also welcomes all makes of consumer electronics, recycling any non-Sony branded product at market prices. The Sony Take Back Recycling Program is the first recycling initiative in the U.S. that connects a major consumer electronics manufacturer to a national waste management company and its physical network of recycling centers around the country.
Toshiba Toshiba is determined to proactively contribute to the establishment of a recycling-based society. For this reason, Toshiba offers free recycling of all Toshiba notebooks, gigabeat® MP3 players and packaging as well as low-cost recycling options for other manufacturer laptops and consumer electronics products. Through its trade-in program, Toshiba also provides customers the opportunity to extend the life of their laptop or other consumer electronic product by trading it in for its cash value.





Best Buy Best Buy allows individuals to drop off old cell phones, inkjet cartridges and rechargeable batteries for recycling with a drop box in the entryway of each store. The same drop box provides self-mailer envelopes and labels for people who wish to send in their old inkjet and toner cartridges from home.
Motorola Motorola offers free cell phone recycling programs are great fundraisers for K-12 schools and they reflect Motorola’s commitment for maintaining a safe and healthy environment.
Myboneyard Myboneyard offers users the ability to recycle old PCs, cell phones, and laptops online. The site also offers monetary rewards to users for their products.
Nokia Nokia’s Connect to Recycling program is an innovative take-back initiative focused on recycling and safe disposal of products. Keeping Nokia products out of landfills advances human technology, while respecting the environment.
Recellular ReCellular, Inc. is the world’s largest collector, reseller and recycler of wireless devices and accessories. Based in Dexter, MI, and with facilities in Texas, Brazil and China, the company is committed to the e-waste challenge and collects over 75,000 cell phones at more than 40,000 locations each week. ReCellular has long-standing relationships with leading service providers, retailers and manufacturers to administer their recycling programs. Additionally, the company has well-established philanthropic partnerships that generate millions of dollars for charitable organizations.
TechForward Techforward offers a twist on the conventional online trade in service by allowing users to “lock in” the future value of their products today for a fee. Once a user has locked in a “guaranteed buy back plan” today they are given trade in values for their product for six months to two years in the future. At any point they can trade in their product for that value. The buyback guarantee also comes with the guarantee that the product will be either reused or recycled, not thrown out.
Wireless...The New Recyclable Wireless… The New Recyclable is a program the wireless industry has created to facilitate environmentally sound practices among carriers and manufacturers, as well as to educate consumers about how to recycle their wireless devices. Either your wireless carrier and/or the manufacturer of your wireless phone participate in Wireless … The New Recyclable. All participants in the program allow you to either drop off your used wireless phones and accessories at their retail stores, regardless of the model phone. Other programs have mail-in options. Go to to learn how and where you can recycle your wireless phone. This website can help you locate a local donation center, find a charity you want to support, direct you to a mail-back program or direct you to an on-line auction where you can sell your old mobile phone(s).
VenJuvo VenJuvo offers an online service where customers can trade old, broken, or unwanted electronics, ranging from video game systems to GPS units, for cash or store credit. The service, available online at, allows users to quickly calculate the value of their product based on condition and accessories included, and then receive payment either through PayPal or by mail. Payment can be received either in the form of cash or credit to major retail stores. VenJuvo also offers a free recycling service for unwanted products that have no trade in value.
USPS The US Postal Service recently began providing bags in 1,500 post offices to recycle ink cartridges, blackberries, PDAs, and MP3 players for free. Postage is even included.

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