ecoHow To Build Furniture From Used Chopsticks

The other nite, we went out to dinner and I forgot my chopsticks. After doing a post on how many trees are killed to make chopsticks, I started taking my own chopsticks to restaurants or used a fork!

How many chopsticks get wasted every day in your city? That was the question Barcelona-based designers Loida and Hernâni of Timtimxtimtim were trying to answer when they asked one Chinese restaurant to give them all their used chopsticks at the end of a weekend. So what to do with all 640 chopsticks?

In this video, they show us the shelving they created for their books and cds, using just the chopsticks and some old doors (found on the street).We also have videos with Timtimxtimtim and how they make furniture from used cardboard and a mirror from discarded cds.


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