Eight Ways To ReUse Beach Umbrellas

I have come to the conclusion that beach umbrellas have become disposable. Everyday there is at least 1 umbrella in the trashcans, one in the fire pits or just laying in the sand on the beach. Some are perfectly fine and like new.  How they get broken, or why they get trashed. Most are a simple fix, the eyelet at the end of the umbrella came out of the spoke. It is awful, as most umbrellas come from overseas and trashing them instead of reusing, increases our dependence on oil as well as taking up landfill space. I don’t know how many umbrellas are sold every year in the USA, but it must be a lot, judging by the 100’s that are dotted on the beach.

Since Beach umbrellas are a little different than rain umbrellas, they do not have the curved hook end, with a screw type of pole end to dig into the sand. Rain umbrellas are water-proofed and have a hooked handle.  I don’t know what the different fabrics might entail, but all umbrellas have reusable parts: Fabrics which can be reused as a table cloths, clothing for people and pets, totes, curtains and pillows. The pole can be reused for art sculptures and garden trellis, Spokes can be recreated into BBQ spits, artwork, the anode which hold the fabric to the spokes can be reused as a knob.

The first choice of course is to try to fix a broken umbrella, if you can’t fix it take it apart and try to reuse the parts. I have taken apart the umbrellas (30 seconds) by unscrewing the knob at the top and unhooked the fabric. I have used the fabric for outdoor table coverings. There is already a hole in the center for the umbrella. No cutting, no waste. Recently I reused the older and faded umbrellas as tarps for painting. But since there are so many, how else can I reuse this free and easily available resource?

Making totes or purses makes a lot of sense. Good concept for your own reusable bags. Learn how to here.


The Skirt is very cute. Very little sewing, as the hem is already done. Cut out the hole and make a waist band by just adding elastic, very simple and chic.

Umbrella Skirt http://www.ecouterre.com


Depending on the size and the amount of beach I cover, this could take one day to collect all these umbrellas! Fun for kids or just fold up to take camping or go to the beach.

Found on moodiereport.com

This is not a beach umbrella, but essential you can do the same, with any type of umbrella that has broken spokes. Nice reuse.

Via Kristen Ayers on Pinterest

Since most umbrellas have a hole in the center, this is a very easy reuse. Gather together and just put a button in the center.

Found on minhacasaminhacara.com.br via Pinterest

This is a rain umbrella, but the concept remains the same, reusing the frame part, decorate around it and make a wall hanging.

Found on itsy-bits-and-pieces.blogspot.com

One way to reuse a the broken spokes or poles.

Found on minhacasaminhacara.com.br via Pinterest

Reusing the spokes to make decor; See more here and learn how here.



On another note and I get this and almost wish it would happen here. In Horry County, North Carolina (source) they banned beach tents from May 15- September. The Tent Parties leave incredible amounts of trash on the beach. I have found BBQ’s, coolers, toys, clothing and even the tents just because people do not want to take it home.


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