Top 20 Frugal and Thrifty Blogs

People think I’m rich because I (stupidly?) took off a year to start blogging. The reason I was able to take off a year, is because I stopped buying. It was pretty simple for me and not so simple for many other people. (That’s a 3 Trillion obvious issue) But when you stop spending money, make do with less, you might be able to take off for a year as well. Oh- and I’m not rich- just cheap- and yes I will have to go back to work, especially since any retirement plan is now, how do I say- Almost GONE! How I did it, no new clothes, no new furniture, lots of oatmeal, I walk as much as possible, drank less wine and reuse, reuse and reuse.
In case you need help- Here are some great blogs that can help guide you to the simple life and meanwhile you can save money.
Top 20 Frugal and Thrify Blogs
  1. Frugal Families
  2. The Crazy Green Cheapskate
  3. Living the Low Income Life
  4. The Frugal Family Blog (Australia)
  5. The Frugal Family Kitchen
  6. The Frugal Family Fun Blog
  7. The Simple Dollar
  8. How I Save Money
  9. The Save Money Blog
  10. Not Made of Money
  11. Money Saving Mom
  12. Frugal for Life
  13. Big Green Purse
  14. Cheap Like Me
  15. Frugal Village (
  16. Simply Thrifty
  17. Savvy Frugality
  18. A Frugal Living by a Frugal Guy
  19. The Dollar Stretcher
  20. Living on a Dime

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  1. says

    Living simple is a challenge when your family is not on board with consuming less and strategies for reducing debt.
    What are some tips on getting buy in from family members on frugal living?

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