Recycle-Reuse- Car Airbags

I didn’t even know you could do this! What a great way to recycle, save money and the environment!

Miami Lakes, Fla. (PRWEB) June 14, 2009 — A tight credit market and consumers waiting to see what fuel technology will be the most prevalent in new cars has created a demand for used cars and used parts. Companies like the have reported higher sales volumes and an increase demand for used automotive airbags. Jose Ascunce, the founder and CEO of Ascunce Enterprises, Inc. the parent company of explains that customers also tend to fix and rebuild their cars during tough economic times. Furthermore, the high cost of gasoline has created a higher demand for used airbags in the small to midsize cars like the Honda Accord and Civic, Nissan Altima and Sentra, Ford Focus, Mustang, Chevy Cavalier, Cobalt, Pontiac G6, Scion TC, XB, XA, BMW Mini, Chrysler PT Cruiser, Toyota Camry and Corolla just to name a few.

Repair shops, auto dealers and auto re-builders navigate to the web site regularly where they can view a list of the used airbag inventory. Furthermore, their “Quoting system”, has received acalades from busy shop owners.

“It is simple”, says Brandon, a purchasing agent, for Integrity Auto in Miami, Florida. “I logon and request quotes for the cars I am working on and in a short time an e-mail arrives with prices and availability.”

Repair shops recognize as an extension of their purchasing team. The online system gives repair shops the ability to find other parts for their projects while the locates the replacement airbags.

Moreover, Jose says, that lately they have seen an increase in vehicle owners registering on the web site and buying used airbags to repair their cars. He, also says, that many are doing it for the cost savings but they also tell him that recycling is important to them.

He quickly reflects and says, “I definitely enjoy hearing that people feel the need to recycle and that is the main reason why I started this business in the first place”.

Jose also sends a message to repair shops and vehicle owners. “I want to point out that is not a salvage yard, the salvage industry knows very little about used airbags. We have become experts identifying and categorizing airbags and all the components needed for a proper installation. Furthermore, buying a used airbag from a salvage yard can be more than you bargain for. Dismantlers are paid by how quickly they take apart cars. The majority of them have no idea what parts must be removed and packaged together with the airbags. In some cases, dismantlers snip important wires, break connectors, and damage other parts during the removal process. On-the-other-hand, all our airbags go through a five-point inspection to make sure that the external components have been checked and that all used airbags are in the proper condition and ready to be installed.”

Jose, elaborates on personal comments made by his customers, “Shops and vehicle owners love us and reward our company with plenty of repeat business. Our customers also appreciate lower prices and the fact that we can ship airbags anywhere in the United States.”

In closing, with the need for more green solutions to our planet the plays an important role in making great use of a very important safety resource. If you would like to learn more about used airbags you can visit their web-site where they list how-to-articles and graphics on used airbags.

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  1. Chris says

    Also the material airbags are made from can be very usefull for making many things… Once uv detonated the airbag u will remove it anyway to replace it so u might as well get some more use out of it. It’s really strong fibre mesh material… I made use for it as fibre glass material by adding resins with it

  2. says

    Airbags are considered Hazardous Materials. Additionally many counterfeit airbags are being placed in the market. Georgia has an estimated 480,000 on the streets today.

    Never buy a USED airbag. You don’t know if it was functional and you don’t know if it was deployed and simply just a shell.

    Also the company selling you the airbag could be violating State regulations for disposal of Hazardous Waste.

    Self deployment of airbags is considered treatment of hazardous waste without a permit… Recently a Dealership received a $300,000 fine for doing so.

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