ReUse Auto Parts- Make Furniture & Art

Even though 75-95% of a car can be recycled, hence Cash for Clunkers, there are other ways to reuse or upcycle Auto parts.

I Just Gotta Eco Ya

  • About 10 Million cars are scrapped every year
  • Millions of tons of polyurethane foam can be recycled into floor mats, remade into new foam, unlays for carpets, tire covers and a few more.
  • Steel and Aluminum can be resold or sold as scrap
  • Billions of thermoplastics into our landfills. Source
  • You can recover about 50 lbs of zinc from a ton of steel and yes zinc has value such as undercoatings of bridge

LA Design Studio Poland created furniture called the Spiret of 427 from recycled car parts such as bumpers, fuel inlets,


Spirit of 427


The furniture may be a little funky, but you can create sculptures. Austrialian designer, James Corbett created wonderful reclaimed auto parts sculptures from vintage car parts. Source GizFactory


James Corbett Reclaimed Auto Part Sculptures

Sweet Sofa’s will custom make your favorite car into your favorite sofa.

51 Cadillac Sofa From

Perhaps Sofa’s are not for you or you live in Roswell, New Mexico

Made With used car parts, tools, and scrap metal

Jakes Chop Shop makes all sorts of cool upcycled Auto Part Furniture and Accessories

Steven Shaver- Makes everything from Clocks To Couches


Gear Wall Clock from Steven Shaver

Joe Hester makes tables and other Furniture from rusted cars.


1965 Chevy Table

Geoffs Bits in the UK, also makes car furniture

UK Based Steve Heller makes Furniture and Accessories from wood and old cars.


Headlight Lighting

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