15 Ways To Reuse Mattresses

Once again, I review all this free stuff available, and again I think if you are creative and a DYI person, you can make great gifts, clothing, purses and home decor to resell and make some money! All it takes is time/gas and of course space to stock the freebies. Take for instance mattresses:

I Just Gotta Eco Ya:

  • Landfills can take up to 300 mattresses a day
  • Minnesotans purchase over 600,000 mattresses a day
  • 12 Free Mattresses listed on Craigslist Today

What You Can do with old Mattress:

  • Donate
  • Sell
  • Give away
  • Re-Purpose

Materials Available from Old Mattresses:

1.) Thread: can make braids, reuse in sewing

2.) Buttons and Tabs:

3.) Fabric: Cushion Covers, pillowcases, furniture coverings , sacks for storing, grocery bags, rags, purses

4.) Padding: Dog Bed

5.) Foam: use for stuffing, shipping / cotton, compost it. use for insulation

6.) Springs: Color and make art, use in garden, hedges, sell for scrap metal

7.)  Spring Tennis Shoes

8.) Christmas Ornaments:

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Christmas Ornaments

9.) Wine Rack:


10.) Home Decor:

11.) Candle Stands

12.) Use in basement/playroom  for kids to play on

13.) Mattress Surfing: This looks like it’s really fun!

14.) Make a Book Shelf from the Bed Slats.

15.) Make Furniture -Furniture: by Frank Willems

Where to Recycle:

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  1. cher says

    i have made dog beds from old mattresses. i used a maker to mark the size i wanted. cut the pad w/ a razor knife and sissors. then used heavy duty tin sips to ctt the smaller springs. and a skill saw to cut the larger metal ring around the outline of the mattress. make sure to work outside with the skill saw incase the sparks cause a fire (yikes) ive never had a fire. then i used old denim material and dental floss to sew up the sides where the insides are exposed. works awesome for any sized dog!!!!! and ive had this home made dog bed for 4 years and its still solid and cozy!!!

  2. says

    If you’re crafty, you might want to disassemble your old mattress yourself instead of taking it to a recycling facility. There are many components that make up a mattress that could be useful to you. If you’re a sewer or seamstress, you might be interested in the buttons or fabric from the mattress. The stuffing can be used for new pillows or even reupholstering furniture


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