Reusing Trees Into Fairie Gardens And Furniture

I spent last weekend taking out 3 trees along with the stumps. Hated it, but it was buckling the sidewalk, my fence was coming down and my neighbor just had Roto Rooter over to clean out roots from one of his pipes… My yard feels naked but, at least I will now be on the path to an edible garden. My neighbor took the wood otherwise I would have had to come up with some reusable wood ideas.

While I was waiting for the diggers, I made up a little Fairy Tale House from toys collected off the beach. Nothing like these Fairy Tales houses made from Tree stumps.

Fairy Tale House


Fairy House


Fairy House House from wood.


Fairy House


If my neighbor hadn’t taken the wood, I would have done this: Made a couple of planters.


I can’t even imagine how much time this took!


Don’t have enough for a couch- love this seating.


You can always do a Carving- Maori Carvings, Lake Taupo , New Zealand  (


This is cool Owl Carvings


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