Seven Ways to Recycle Dentures

Dentures as Gag Gifts

I Just Gotta Tell Ya

  • About 3.6 million sets of dentures manufactured in the world, and
  • Each set contains about $25 worth of precious metals, including gold and silver.

Where To Recycle or How To Reuse

  1. Japan Denture Recycling Association (JDRA) has launched a denture recycling program and the proceeds are donated to UNICEF and other organizations. o date, it has raised more than $250,000 for UNICEF and other organizations.
  2. The Gold Box- will buy your old gold crowns and procelain bridges.
  3. Call your local schools health class or denistry school and ask if they would like them
  4. Use for Halloween Costumes or Mardi Gras
  5. Use a Gag Gifts for the over 40 crowd.
  6. Use for craft projects- paint and decorate
  7. Donate to local artists who create using recycled and salvaged objects.

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  1. Joshua says

    The zinc in many of the most popular brands of denture cream, like Poligrip and Fixodent contain excessive levels of zinc. With millions of seniors and denture wearers using these products on a daily basis, they risk serious health side effects.

    Excessive levels of zinc can and have caused paralysis, muscle weakness, loss of feeling and other neurological disorders.

    Visit this site if you or you know someone that relies on these popular denture creams, or perhaps another brand:

  2. Deborah Towns says

    Hi I have some dentures from my husband who passed away. I read of in Japan who takes them.for UNICEF. Do you know if they are still doing this? Would you have the added?

    Thank you
    Deborah Towns

  3. says

    I see we can donate dentures to Japan but the website for that is all in Japanese and cant read it.

    Why dont we have something like that here in the USA?

  4. Debbie says

    The Japan site to mail dentures:
    Japan dentures recycling Association
    350-8799 Kawagoe post office
    Stop Japan

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