Top 20 Ways To Reuse Old Suitcases

I was at a thrift shop the other day and saw all these old suitcases. Really got me to thinking about my past life where I lived out of a suitcase. My first set of luggage was a set of Samsonite given to me in 1972. I had that luggage for years and finally gave it away. There is alot of luggage out there in fact on Etsy there is 3244 vintage suitcases for sale!

1. Make Animal Beds Kaleidoscope of Colors

2. Use for storage

3. Use for a wood bins

4.) Make Furniture


Turkish design collective MayBeProduct.

esigned by green enthusiast Katie Thompson, this old Samsonite suitcase is made into a designer chair.

5.) Use to plant things Gionata Gatto, an italian designer from the Netherlands, designed UrbanBuds -Luggage that grow up to 36 different food plants)

6.) Make a Shelf


Suitcase shelf

7.) Make a disaster Preparation Kit

8.) Make a table

9.) Make drawers.


10.) Make a Vanity Cabinets

11. Make Tables

Suitcase Chair


Vintage Table

12 Make a boom Box


oom Cases are these retro styled boomboxes that have powerful speakers and a built-in battery that lasts up to 7 hours

13.) Paint and Reuse again

14.) Make Cabinets

15.) Make a side table

16.) Make Art

Maarten De Ceulaer's repurposed pieces are colourful and playful, evoking nomadic wanderings and childhood fun. The 'Pile of Suitcases', are constructed from vintage items.

17.  Stack for Height

18. Use For Picnic Baskets

19. Make Art


Chinese artist Yin XiuzhenXiuzhen has recently been using suitcases and discarded travel clothing to recreate miniature model cities in a project she calls "Portable Cities."

20.) Make a Column

Sacramento Airport

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  1. Charlotte Platzer says

    love these suitcases – furniture looks great – I have seen a few of them on the web made into chairs, I want one!!!

  2. Hudson Boyce says

    The most amazing use that I’ve seen is at a train show where a miniature layout was built inside the suitcase. The owner had seen a plan for one in a 1948 magazine!

  3. says

    Dear Suitcase lover, nice way to use old suitcases. But I just want to collect them as they are and kindly ask you to tell me if you can collect some of them in the different thriftstores and send them to me . I will certainly pay all expenses and a hefty premium on top. Do you think you can do this ? or do you know someone who may be willing to do this for me ?
    Thank you very much for your time


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