Top 23 Ways To Reuse And Recycle Keys

Key Necklace-

Key Necklace-

Have you ever gone through all your keys and wondered what to do with them? I just did and am afraid to throw them out, because they just might go to some long forgotten luggage, filing cabinet, or lock. The reality is if you haven’t used the key in 5 years, most likely you are not going to use it.

Can you recycle keys- yes, most recycling centers should take back keys, make sure you take off any tags or rubber markings. Keys can be melted down for other uses. You can also visit your local locksmith to see if your keys can be remade or re-keyed  into other keys. You can reuse keys as well.

Top 23 Ways to Reuse and Recycle Keys

  1. Use a weights- Sew or glue them into drapes, outside patio tablecloths, shower curtains
  2. Fill up a container with old keys and it becomes a paperweight.
  3. Make a screwdriver- file down the end and you can carry it with you
  4. Use the hole as a nail direct when hammering.
  5. Make a Wind Chime- all you need is a base, fishing line and tie those keys on.
  6. Use For Games- Kids love to play with keys, or use to replace lost monopoly pieces, scavenger hunts, paint number or letter on the keys and use for teaching kids how to count or read. (Instead of building blocks)
  7. Make Music Instruments- Put a few keys in a plastic or metal jar and it make a nice if not annoying music instruments.
  8. Use as a Shim- That annoying wobbly table that you are constantly sticking paper under. Try using a key.
  9. Make Christmas Tree Ornaments- Link together in a chain, paint and no need to ever purchase tinsel or even lighting again. Even paint and hang.
  10. Personalize Gifts- Give a gift and put a key on a chain and attach with their name
  11. Make Jewelry- how easy is this- use fishing line, thread, rope, leather and string that key on as a necklace.
  12. Decorate Gifts- Why use a fancy bow- tie the gift up and attach key as the bow and the name tag
  13. Use on clothes- attach to zippers, and backbacks for ease of use.
  14. Use a Pull Chains- for lighting and ceiling fans.
  15. Use As box openers- safer than knives
  16. Re-use for Fishing Weights
  17. Reuse or resell to artists
  18. Make Charms- With Charms So big with kids theses days- paint with their team colors and attach to backpacks, pockets, cell phones and whatever else kids add charms to.
  19. Decorate picture frames or mirrors

    Make Jewelry, charms

    Make Jewelry, charms

  20. Decorate Boxes
  21. Frame them
  22. Use For Wine Charms- You know how you can buy those wine necklaces, why buy when you can make, all you need is the key and dental floss!
  23. Donate to Keys For Kindness- A family run program that raises money for Multiple Sclerosis Society by collecting keys or Key For Hope– Raises money by key recycling to support food shelters, provide clothing for those in need.




Key Christmas Ornaments-

Key Christmas Ornaments-



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    An interesting post, thanks. I’m fascinated by the way the vintage jewellery trend continues and evolves, particularly 60s looks at the moment – taking a cue from an era that was about breaking the rules when art, music and fashion turned tradition on its head and psychedelic prints, neon colours and haphazard patterns were the main focus. As with many things sartorial what goes around comes around so it’s no surprise that we are seeing the age old trends reinvent themselves today in the world of jewellery.


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