Top 29 Free-Material Exchanges and Salvage Yards

  1. All is an innovative marketplace website aimed at recycling companies, recycling equipment manufacturers, waste companies, and other businesses around the world associated with the recycling industry.
  2. American Builders Surplus-Buy and Sell usable building materials on website for Free
  3. Builder2Builder-Online listing of Building Materials, Appliances, Dirt, Furniture, Equipment, Tools and more
  4. Build. Recyle-Brick and Block Exchange
  5. California Materials Exchange (CALMAX)-Free online materials exchange
  6. Construction Weblinks:-Listing of Builders Exchanges
  7. Craigslist-Buy and sell any type of materials
  8. Freecycle-Free membership of individual groups giving and getting stuff for free.
  9. Green Sage-Find and sell your salvage materials
  10. Illinois Environmental Protection Agency -Material Exchange Program
  11. Indiana Materials Exchange:0Lists of Available and Wanted materials
  12. Industrial Materials Exchange-Matches waste generators with waste users
  13. 13 International and National Materials Exchanges-Provides information on markets for buying and selling reusable and recyclable commodities.
  14. Jobsite Recycle-Buys and sells jobsite debris in Northern California
  15. LACoMax (Los Angeles)-LACoMAX is a free service designed to help residents, businesses, and organizations in Los Angeles County find markets for their industrial by-products, surplus materials, and other would-be discards. You can learn more about LACoMAX, get help using LACoMAX, or startbrowsing listings right away.
  16. MarinMax (Marin County, California-MarinMax is a free materials exchange website, which will allow you to swap, barter or exchange items that you no longer need or acquire goods someone else is trying to get off of their hands. Whichever way you use this site, you will be participating in a reuse program and conserving natural resources by preventing useful items from being disposed of and taking up valuable landfill space. MarinMax is designed for use by businesses, non-profits and individuals within Marin County. The goal of this site is to divert waste from landfills, build partnerships within the community, and provide an environmentally sustainable marketplace.
  17. NapaMax (Northern California)-NapaMax is a materials exchange program. It is a free online resource enabling you to gain needed materials or to discard any unnecessary or unwanted materials. NapaMax’s purpose is to conserve energy, resources and landfill space by providing you with an easy alternative. This alternative involves simply logging in to the NapaMax website and creating a “wanted” or “available” listing.NapaMax is available to many organizations such as non-profit, businesses, schools, and more. If you have something you want to get rid of, there is a good chance someone on the NapaMax website wants it. These products can range from construction equipment, to firewood, to glass, to old furniture, etc. If you have something you want to get rid of and you don’t want it filling up landfill space, put it on the NapaMax website and see if someone else will gladly take it off your hands.
  18. Recycler’s World-Material Exchange Directory – Great Website
  19. Real Life Hardwood- reclaimed wood flooring
  20. Salvo Web:=Buy and Sell Salvaged Materials, Directory and Articles on Salvage Good- Sells products made from reclaimed goods. Great Website
  21. Salvage Web: ( site not working-Links buyers and sellers of Architectural Salvage – Free
  22. State Materials Exchange-Listing of All states with material exchanges from the EPA
  23. Stick Trade-Reclaimed timber, recycled lumber and antique flooring exchange. Buy and sell your reusable wood.
  24. The Madison Stuff Exchange- Madison, Wisconsin-The Madison Stuff exchange web site, provides area residents and businesses with a convenient way to exchange, re-use, or sell items they no longer need or want
  25. The Wood Exchange-Buy or sell, barn board, reclaimed wood, pallets
  26. Throw® is a Web site where global users may list goods they wish to give away to others. Charities, Businesses or Individuals registered with® are able to search the site and make requests for items of interest. Items listed on Throwplace are not for sale—they are to be donated.
  27. Twin Cities Free Market (Minneapolis/St. Paul-The Free Market is a listing service for residents who want to give or get free reusable goods for the home, garage and garden.
  28. Wood World-Used and Reusable Lumber Exchange
  29. Used Equipment Network -Listing of industrial, commercial and professional equipment
  30. VDumpster- State Listing-Dumpster divers from all over the USA are now able to have a significant effect on unnecessary landfill by encouraging the use of virtual dumpsters to recycle and reuse their unwanted items. The idea is simple – Instead of using a real dumpster you create a virtual dumpster (a “vDumpster”) and upload your items for other people to search and claim. vDumpsters is completely FREE to use, so you can protect the environment and save money at the same time

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