20 Ways to Make Money Recycling


I have done quite a few post on recycling and reusing either to make or save money.  Make Money by Recycling gives some helpful hints on recycling to make money.

1.) Aluminum Cans and other Aluminum products- take to scrap metal dealer

2.) Copper, Iron, Stainless steele, Lead and Brass– like door hinges, home decor, fittings, plumbing- take to scrap metal center.

3.) Paper and Cardboard- Take to scrap dealer

4.) Plastic Bottles- Take to scrap dealer

5.) Glass Bottles- Take to a Scrap Dealer

6.) Printer and Ink Cartridges-

7.) Electronics: Cell Phones, MP3 Players, Digital Cameras, Calculators, Gaming Devices, External Drives, Games, DVD’s, CD’s –Cell Phone Recycling-Resell and Make Money (Helpful Hints and more resources)

  • Yourenew.com
  • Gazelle– takes video games, laptops, movies, external drives, LCD monitors, camera lenses, cell phones, blue ray players, camcorders, PDS;s, digital cameras, gaming consoles, projectors,
  • Buy My Tronics– Buys new, used and broken electronics
  • Second Spin-DVDs and CD’s

8.) Batteries- many companies will pay you to bring your car battery back, some scrap and junk dealers will also buy back car batteries.

9.) Books

10.) Get Rewards and Points

11.) Food Wrappers

12.) Cars

13.) Jewelry– most jewelry can be melted down and reused or sold. Pawnshops will also buy used jewelry.

14.) Clothes, shoes, jewelry

  • Consignment stores will take your old clothes and pay you upon the sale of the clothes

15.) Furniture and Antiques

  • Resell or place in consignment stores

16.) Sporting Goods

17.) Reclaimed Wood and Building Materials

18.) Recycle Energy

19.) Remake into usable items and resell on your own website or sites such as Esty

20.) Sell on Ebay, Amazon, Craigslist or have a garage sale.

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  1. says

    Hello Cathy! As an employee of Cash4Books.net, it was a nice surprise to stumble upon your site. Thank you for mentioning us on this list as it incorporates two of the things we pride ourselves on- saving people money and being a green business. Keep up the great job!

  2. says

    Thanks for these tips! In this way we can all contribute to a safer environment and protect our natural resources. We can also recycle or re-use water. As you know less than 1% of the fresh water is available for human use. Visit http://j.mp/x69cE to know more about water conservation.

  3. says

    You can also get cash by recycling toner cartridges. There are many recyclers these days paying for recycling used toner cartridges and offer you free pickup service. Even if you are not interested in cash, you can donate these cartridges to some charity of your own choice.

  4. Helping hand says

    I’m looking for a place in San Diego that pays to recycle well used clothing. I know people that need income and have boxes of stained, worn-out clothes.
    Please email if you know of a location. I will spread the word and we can keep these out of the landfill.

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