Can You Recycle Or Reuse Garden Hoses?

The thing about garden hoses is most are made of a variety of materials, and they can be difficult to recycle through your recycling centers. You can call and check with them. The ends can be snipped off and recycled in some cities. They do break and the good news is that you can reuse them in a variety of ways.

1.) The easiest way is to poke holes in them and use as a drip watering system or a soaker.

2.) Make hose baskets:

3.) Make a birdhouse

4.) Make a chair

Chair Design 2

Chair Design 3

5.) Make a colorful wall decoration

6.) Make a door mat

7.) Make a water fountain

8.) Make a wreath

9.) Cut it up and use to protect saw blades and other sharp objects

9.) Then again, you can reuse a garden hose wheel as a wine rack.

More ways to reuse Garden Hoses

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  1. Pocket Hose says:

    Thanks for sharing these creative ways to recycle your old garden hoses. The mat looks like it would be a good place for muddy boots. Thanks again.

  2. Carl says:

    If you use wire ties, like in the basket, use black UV resistant ties. Cheap wire ties will degrade in the sun and break.

  3. These are such great idea’s. Like the flowers & chairs the best.

  4. Never throw away old garden hose…use it in the garden or flower bed as a waterline. On your shopping trips to the stores that carry them, begin buying hose repair pieces, ends and middle connectors, plastic or metal. Replace broken ends and cut our very bad splits, then put back together with the middle connectors. Lay out the hose and test each..for plugs, clean out. Then lay around in garden…if for veggies, lay down about 3 to 6 inches from each plant. Connect all together by stringing between rows or using pipes as headers ..(another story). Then using the smallest drill bit, and a portable drill, drill a small hole in the spot in front of each plant, try to roll to bottom or inside of the hose. If there are other holes, if they are Big, before you wet the hose, or dry off with rags, use good ol’ duct tape around it to seal over. If they are small, use 1/2 of a round toothpick, jam into the hole, leave about an inch or so above the insert place. May want to tape that too…I don’t bother unless toothpick just wont stay in. Snake this long line thru the rows, connecting all together, then use a seal off cap for one end and attach the hose without holes from the house/water faucet and turn on about half way. Test pressure, when the water spouts out of the last hole, begin turning the water down so that it just trickles, almost by drips, down to the last hole. Best to cover the lines from the sun with newspaper and straw or ground cover. No wasted water in the air, no standing for hours hand watering, no more watching to move air sprinklers… I’ve used these for Years. To use pipes to connect requires buying those 10 Foot pcs. of plastic straight pipe, putting a ‘T’ connector between pipes with a screw end on bottom of the ‘T’, multiple hose connector at the ends of each ‘T’ pipe and then laying it in the rows or head of the rows as a header. No need to glue the pipe and pieces together, they can be fitted tightly together by using some pcs. of plastic bag wrapped around pipe ends, they jam together tightly. But that might require another booklet of instructions.. but if I could figure it out, I’m sure all of you can..grandma peg


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