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Eco Friendly Golf Balls-I live by a golf course and of course that means we have a plethora of golf balls hanging around. Golf balls are trash too!

I Just Gotta Tell Ya

  • Over 1 Billion Golf Balls are sold every year 
  • 1 Palm Tree cut down at the Olympic Club in San Francisco in 1999 and disgorged 200 golf balls
  • In an average year, all but the scuzziest of ranges will replace 100 percent of their golf ball stock. Gartner figures that 40 percent or so are lost in the mire or over the fence; 40 percent are “retired” to the garbage bin and the rest are stolen.
  • An estimated 518 Million Rounds of Golf are played every year 
  • The average golfer loses 4.5 balls per round of golf. 

How To Make Money Selling Used Golf Balls 

1.) Buy a golf ball retriever that you can use to fish golf balls out of lakes and ponds. It needs to be one that is attached to a string or rope that you can pull along the bottom of a golf course lake to collect the lost balls.

2.) Visit as many Golf Courses as you can 

3.) Clean and separate golf balls by type and condition

Reused Golf Balls 

  • AAA Recycled Golf Balls. 
  • Lost Golf Balls 
  • New and Used Golf Balls-
  • Golf Balls Only- site is for wholesale site for golf retailers, golf courses, exporters and internet resellers only
  • Used Golf Balls Deals 

Buyers of Used Golf Balls

Eco Friendly Golf Balls  

  • Eco Golf Balls- Water Soluable Golf Balls 
  • Eco Range Golf Ball 100% renewable Bio-based component for renewable resources opportunities in the Green Material world. Help planet earth stop Global Warming. USGA standard.
  • Dixon Golf -Dixon will be offering an incentive to recycle ANY golf ball at one of their Dixon Recycling Centers. For every ball* you recycle you will receive $1.00 for each ball* bearing the Dixon name and $.50 for each ball* bearing any other brand name towards the purchase of new Dixon Earth golf balls. *No credit will be given for range balls. Also offers the Earth Distance Golf Ball 


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  1. says

    These are absolutely great suggestions. I inform my golfing audience to buy “experienced” golf balls all the time. You can sell each PROV1 that you find for at least $1. Not a bad little side business…

  2. Nancy Weason says

    My company SUNSHINE GOLF pays top $ for used golf balls. We also sell golf balls online. Please call us at 1-800-834-6298 or visit FORE-USED-GOLFBALLS.COM.

  3. Lewis Lowe says

    Do you buy used golf balls? I have approximately 3,000 used golf balls for sale.

    Thank You
    Lewis Lowe

  4. Rose Pantess says

    I have four shoe boxes full of golf balls which I have found over the years. I would like to sell them now. They are an assortment of all brand names and some are colored golf balls. Some are practically new, some older. Please let me know if you are interested and how much you are willing to pay for them. I can get you more specific info on the golf balls if desired.

    Rose Pantess

  5. Juan Perez says

    Dear friends, I have discovered the last amazing thing in eco-friendly golf balls, it is the ECOBIOBALL which is biodegradable in water and has fish food in the core. I found them in, a spanish company located in Barcelona area

  6. Kathy Sihock says

    I have a golf ball collection of over 10,000 golf balls no 2 alike… This was my Dad’s passion in life. And when he passed I aquired them.. I am now looking for a buyer for these balls. Even have one golf ball that went to the moon. One from the first golf course in the world, as well as many signed golf balls. If interested please contact me via internet.

  7. Tommy says

    I have every brand of golf ball and can get any kind if u request it I’ll get it no
    Matter what the number…. So if u want quality used golf balls call

  8. says

    I have golf balls of every brand, grade and price range. Many are in MINT condition. I have AAA balls that golf courses sell for $ 0.75 to $ 1.00 each available for one fourth the price. (Meaning if you have a golf course your can resell them for 300%+ profit.) Titleist Pro V 1(MINT) at $ 15.00/Dozen. (801)-913-5408

  9. says

    I enjoyed every bit of your article. It is very informative and helpful to me as well as to all the commentators. Thanks for taking the time to discuss on this. I will love to read more from you.

  10. EDDIE says


  11. says

    KNET Golf is my vendor of choice when I am converting the lost balls I remove for my clients to help them increase the pace of play on their busy courses. I take the “F” out of refuse.


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