Repurposing Tree Trunks Or Stumps

A friend on mine on Facebook, recently had to take down a tree and wondered what to do with the trunk. Should he take out the stump or reuse it?  I voted to reuse it, as I had to take out 5 Ficus trees, that destroyed my fence and were working on the sidewalk and am so sorry I didn’t keep the trunks in for some reuse project. We did Reuse Tree for  Fairy Houses which you can definitely do with a tree trunk and other materials. The larger story but check out other alternatives or our Pinterst Board on Reusing or Recycling Trees. 

1.) I live this doll house, this pic in inside, but  you can do the same outside. What little girl would not want this?

2.) Tree Sculptures are a wonderful way to preserve the tree and have a little artistic expression.

3.) Make a pavilion just for Tree Trysts!

4.) Book Libraries or shelves are my personal favorite.

Tree Library

5.)Nothing like a few tree stump chairs

6.) Use as a flower bed

7.) This took alot of work but isn’t it beautiful?


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    These ideas are spectacular – especially the doll house out of an old tree trunk. I’ve noticed that using stumps as campfire chairs is becoming especially popular. And Pinterest projects with tree bits is popular too. I was just at a wedding where tree trunks were used as coasters and centerpieces.
    I know a lot of tree removal companies will grind up the stump and roots for you and use the wood for wood chips, too. But that’s just not as fun as building a doll house, is it?

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    Thanks so much for including my “tree stump” hugelkultur in your post!! I love your other tree stump ideas….they would work great in my garden too! You’ve given me some new things to think about!


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